Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2105: Feast, Friendship & Fibro

To celebrate this National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day (May 12, 2015), we introduced the Feast, Friendship & Fibro awareness event campaign. We invited NFA members to host their own event, whether it was a dinner party, picnic in the park, potluck brunch, cocktail party, or any kind of gathering to promote FM awareness and raise money to support NFA programs.

The NFA volunteers and board members were joined by friends from the Community Pain Center for a dinner on April 25, 2015. Our goal was to raise $2,000 for the NFA to continue funding programs that educate those with FM and the public about this life-altering illness, research efforts to develop better treatments for FM sufferers, and raise awareness to end the stigma.

Our hosts, magazine Executive Editor Elizabeth Mesic and her husband David Mesic invited us to their home for the festivities. Despite rain, David barbecued tri-tip and broiled salmon in the backyard. Guests brought the salads, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts. After we enjoyed dinner we began the activities for raising money. We started by playing “guess the number of pretzels in the jar” with each participant buying an opportunity to enter a guess. We also sold a slew of raffle tickets for our 50/50 drawing and other prizes.

Before the raffle we honored those who have dedicated so much time and energy to serving the FM community. NFA Executive Director Yolanda Castillo and Social Media Director Ahura Mejia received butterfly candle holders from NFA founder Lynne Matallana for all their hard work organizing the night’s event. Elizabeth was given an honorary butterfly award thanking her for hosting the dinner and Lynne was presented with a certificate of recognition for her 20 years of service with the NFA.

Richard Matallana, Chairman of the NFA Board of Directors, set the tone for donating with an inspirational speech and a very generous donation to the NFA. Checks were written, donations were made, and raffle winners were drawn. In the end, we were within striking distance of our $2,000 goal, thanks to the generous donations made by all who attended. As the evening came to a close we were already planning who would host the Feast, Friendship & Fibro event next year.

It’s not too late to host a Feast, Friendship & Fibro event because the campaign has been extended through Pain Awareness Month (September).