rostros-5Faces of Fibromyalgia

Special Feature

By America Barcelo Feldman

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SAN DIEGO, CA- With great excitement and tears of joy, the artist, Brenda Silva, finally achieved her dream. After many hours of work and pressure, she opened her exhibition, “Faces of Fibromyalgia,” on September 30, 2016, at San Diego’s Centro Cultural de la Raza. The event was organized with the support of the Consulate of Mexico in San Diego to kick off its annual event, Binational Health Week 2016.

During the ribbon cutting ceremony, the visibly excited artist, Brenda Silva, thanked Patricia Cicone de Medicis for helping with the organization of the event, also Patricia Panzón, Consul of Academics from the Mexican Consulate for San Diego Community Affairs, and journalist America Barcelo. The three women were there to cut the ribbon.

“This is a dream come true. I greatly appreciate my husband Alejandro, my first accomplice of my crazy ideas, and all who believed in this project that is now a reality,” said the artist in tears.

The exhibition features photographs of the faces of the victims of this disease that were sent in for this exhibition, as well as those previously taken in a photo shoot organized by Silva and her husband last May.

rostros-23Also, along with the pictures, the exhibition featured part of the collection of “Catrinas,” which are dolls that Silva created, not only as an artist, but as a tireless crusader against fibromyalgia in Southern California, Baja California, and other social networks.

Brenda Silva suffers from this disease but believes that she has been given the task of opening the eyes of the world to this terrible illness, suffered by people of all ages, social statuses and genders. These victims suffer constant pain throughout the body, as well fatigue and depression.

For several years Brenda was given the task of giving voice to people like her who suffer from this terrible disease that causes them to live without being understood and in shadows.

rostros-2In this exhibition, Silva puts faces to the disease, to bring light to those who suffer and thus make them to be understood and stop the discrimination.

During the opening event, several of the presenters were introduced, as well as personalities of San Diego. The event was emceed by Ricardo Berron, former anchor of the cancelled morning show “Despierta San Diego” on Univision Channel 17. There was music, presentations of sponsors and videos of important people who suffer from this disease. The Mexican singer, Eugenia Leon, along with the Association for the Right to Exist, shared an interesting video on the ravages and physical and emotional pain suffered by the victims of fibromyalgia.

In addition, a video was shown of specialists who discussed the symptoms and problems faced by those suffering from fibromyalgia, such as Dr. Jorge Velasco Zamora, of the Joint Foundation from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who spoke about the progress and impact of fibromyalgia research in the current society.

Also the event had exhibitors with products that can help to improve the quality of life of those with the disease.

rostros-15The event had the support of the National Fibromyalgia Association and the American Chronic Pain Association, as well as DJ Juan Carlos Torres Paramo, regional singer Lupita Medrano, La Flor de Zacatecas, and the services of Festival Hall, Blanca Nieto, who provided food and samples of its catering service, and finally for events photographer Omar Arriaza.

The exhibition featured 350 photographs, with 25 photos of 20×30 inches, 36 8×12 and the rest 4×6 were displayed from September 30 to October 15, 2016, at the Cultural Center de la Raza with the aim of raising awareness about fibromyalgia, its effects and symptoms, and especially to let those who suffer stop living in the shadows and be understood.