The National Fibromyalgia Association is proud to work with the Community Pain Center (CPC) on its Pain Awareness Month Proclamation Program.

Pain Awareness Month Proclamation Program

The Community Pain Center (CPC) – (The only eHealth, interactive, patient empowering, virtual web destination, providing clinically proven or patient recommended integrative health and wellness assistance, resources, information and treatment options that provide real help and solutions for people in pain.) The CPC’s Pain Awareness Proclamation Program provides a group or an individual the opportunity to reach out to their elected officials and ask them to declare September 2017 as Pain Awareness Month in their jurisdiction. The National Fibromyalgia Association’s Legislative Proclamation Program 1997–2017 succeeded in creating awareness of fibromyalgia for government officials from mayors to the president of the United States. Now the CPC has taken on the challenge of bringing awareness to our country’s pain epidemic in conjunction with the NFA and other FM and pain organizations.

The concept is simple: send a letter requesting that a proclamation be created in honor of Pain Awareness Month with information included about pain, providing the government official with a sample of the wording you would like to see included (a sample letter of request, a Proclamation example, a pain fact sheet, and information about the National Pain Strategy are all available by clicking on their links). Decide the manner in which the proclamation is going to be presented to your group, invite the media to attend, and then display your proclamation proudly. You have succeeded in getting the word out about chronic pain!

Target Your Official

We offer a letter of request, as well as a Pain Fact Sheet to send along with your request. Be sure to make a copy of your letter(s), sign the letter(s), and place a stamp on the envelope(s).


After you have sent the letter of request, wait three to five days and then call the person in charge of proclamations. Ask if the materials have been received and if there are any questions. This is the most important step because you may need to re-send or email them.

Create an Event

Once the official/representative has agreed to do a Pain Awareness Month Proclamation, you’ll need to arrange the best place to receive the proclamation. It can be done in a public forum, such as a city council meeting, at a support group meeting, or a local hospital can host an event. Decide who will do the formal presentation; it could be the legislator, you, a support group leader, a doctor, or anyone who you feel best represents your local pain or fibromyalgia community. Make sure to have the event where many chronic pain patients and their families can be present.

Promote Your Event

When you’ve decided on the presentation time and place, contact your local newspaper, television and radio stations. Feel free to contact as many media sources you wish. Encourage the reporters to do a story on Pain Awareness Month, the proclamation presentation, and/or your local support group. If you need a spokesperson to answer media questions about pain or fibromyalgia, they can call (714) 921-8867 and one of our staff will contact the media representative for you.

Your Role is Important

On the day of your event, remember you represent the chronic pain community (over 100 million people in the United States)! You have an opportunity to spread the word about pain and the effects it has had on you and/or your group’s members. Seize this chance to be positive and hand out educational information such as the Pain Fact Sheet.

Follow Up

It is extremely important to send your legislator and any media contacts a hand-written thank you note. They have taken their time to help you and will appreciate hearing about how it has helped you and/or your group. Be sure to thank your proclamation team as well with a phone call or a personal note.

The CPC takes pride in promoting this program and wants to hear your success stories. Please send us copies of any media coverage or pictures you have had taken at your event. Send your photos and stories to:

Community Pain Center
427 E. 17th Street, Suite F-481
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

If you have any problems, questions or need additional assistance, simply send an email to

Thanks for your help and for getting involved!

~Gentle Hugs~


Proclamation Program Materials:

Sample Letter of Request (edit bold areas and fill in blanks)

Proclamation Example (include with letter to official)

Pain Fact Sheet (include with letter to official)

Information about the National Pain Strategy (include with letter to official)