30 Day Fibromyalgia Challenge

The NFA’s 30-Day Challenge: Make Your Purpose Greater than Your Pain

When we focus our thoughts, words, and actions on positivity, encouragement, spreading awareness, achieving goals, helping out, being useful, or serving the greater good, we are less focused on ourselves, our pain, and our losses. The NFA’s 30-Day Challenge has an activity each day for 30 days that is designed to help you serve the greater good by raising awareness about fibromyalgia in your local community and throughout the world via social media. This is a fun and achievable way to “make your purpose greater than your pain.”

Getting started:

    • Begin at any time. Take breaks if needed.
    • Share your progress on social media. Since part of our mission is to increases awareness of fibromyalgia, you will see an option to share every day. Please consider doing this.
    • Set goals to help you stay on track while you work to complete your challenge and raise donations to support the FM community.
    • Get friends, family and acquaintances to “sponsor” you by donating to the NFA as you make progress in your awareness efforts each day.
    • Share your pride when you complete your 30-Day Challenge with your network. Remember to thank sponsors and others who cheered you on and ask for more help if you have yet to reach your goal.

If you would like to create a donation page as you take part in the 30 Day challenge, please register with your name and email address! We will be following up with you shortly.

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