All About the NFA

Welcome to the NFA’s new and updated web site to keep you AWARE of all the most important information on fibromyalgia and related topics, and much, much more!!

In 2010-13 we may not have been as VISIBLE as we have been in the past, but much has been going on at the NFA. Due to the economic down turn and many changes in non-profit funding regulations, the NFA felt it was best to reorganize so that we could continue to provide the high quality information, education and support that we have always been known for providing people with FM. We have continued working on a variety of projects making sure that we were there to react when the fibromyalgia community needed us.
Our founder and past President Lynne Kennedy Matallana has been volunteering daily for the NFA, as well as leading a team of dedicated individuals who are working hard to launch a new company, designed to provide people with fibromyalgia, and anyone living with chronic pain many of the things that these communities haven’t had available in the past. As Lynne states excitedly, “We are creating a destination web site that will provide people living with pain, what they have been hoping for!” And what will be offered on this site? Better access to health care providers, more diverse and effective treatment options, one-on-one assistance, help with creating your own integrated self-management plan, and overall cost savings! In other words…more options, solutions and better outcomes!


With Lynne’s new company on the horizon, the NFA’s role as a non-profit organization representing the 10, 000 million people with FM has become even more important. The NFA will always be the communities “advocate”. As a non-profit the NFA has continued to act on behalf of the patients, making sure they have a voice and ways to build awareness and as a long standing, reputable organization that has the credibility to ensure that the patient’s needs are communicated and met. Recently the NFA has accomplished the following:

  • Answered questions from the community via informative, interactive videos, which are available for viewing on the NFA Facebook and You Tube pages.

  • Provided information and Continuing Medical Education programs to foster awareness and help educate the members of the medical community.

  • Continued the dialogue between the patient and the Health Care Provider (HCP), creating an improving the environment for communication and understanding of fibromyalgia by medical professionals.

  • Created and hosted successful campaigns, such as the “100,000 for 10 Million” Facebook campaign. Today the NFA has over 125,000 “Likes” on its Facebook Cause Page thanks to your great response!!


  • Continue to carry out programs each year on May 12th Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, resulting in individual days when over 1 million people have posted on our Facebook page.

  • Lynne has been interviewed and appeared in numerous newspaper, magazine and TV shows, sharing updated medical information and discounting any individuals with skepticism about FM’s validity. She has also been a guest speaker at conferences and special events to audiences interested in learning more about FM.

  • Hosted and continued to expand upon the NFA’s “Make Fibromyalgia Visible” Campaign, including developing new awareness items offered at the NFA’s web store.

  • Answered thousands of questions posted to the NFA’s Facebook page, providing support, resource information and assistance.

  • We have been working tirelessly on a new web site, (a big undertaking) which has just been launched for your benefit, providing (among many other topics) education on the new diagnostic criteria for FM and research outcomes on potential treatment options. We will be adding new functionality to this site, so visit us often and watch for new interactive community projects, radio blog shows, local meet and greets, as well as new awareness campaigns and awareness items in the NFA Store. Every item sold helps bring awareness and supports the NFA in its mission to help individuals suffering with fibromyalgia and everyone else who is touched by the effects of FM.


So as we continue our mission here at the NFA, we will be watching anxiously for Lynne’s new venture, Heath Focus, Inc., the parent company of the “Community Pain Center,” to launch. This will be the first patient centric, one-stop web portal helping people in pain to move towards and achieve wellness. We are also thrilled about all the new exciting things on the horizon for the NFA which will improve our ability to help the FM community and change the way you will receive support and assistance with your life’s journey!

Thanks to ALL of our followers and contributors! Wishing each of you improved health!

Gentle Hugs from,

The NFA Board