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Natural FormŽ


Enjoy going back to your daily activities with Natural FormŽ

The Natural FormŽ Sleep System with Patented Self Adjusting Technology™ is hospital tested and clinically proven to provide pressure-point free sleep. This exclusive technology was developed and introduced into the health care marketplace to prevent and treat bed sores. It is also used for advanced medical conditions like Fibromyalgia, Spinal Disorders, Back & Neck Disorders, Sleep Disorders and Degenerative Diseases.

Natural Form
The Natural FormŽ provides amazing comfort  as well as the 3 elements necessary for an Optimum Sleeping Environment; pressure relief, proper spinal support, and lower body temperature.

In 2004, Hilton Hotels tested many of the nationally recognized beds to find the best mattress to improve guest comfort and satisfaction. The Natural FormŽ had such a positive impact on sleep satisfaction that it is now used in every Hilton Garden Inn worldwide.

The Natural FormŽ Sleep System has revolutionized the medical and hospitality industry and consumers now have the opportunity to experience this Optimum Sleeping Environment in their homes.


  • Pressure-point free sleep not available on a foam or innerspring mattress
  • Proper spinal support so your back muscles do not strain all night
  • 100% Virgin Australian Wool Cover wicks away your body’s natural moisture, lowers your heart rate, and keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Removable and washable cover for clean sleeping environment
  • Modular design so you can replace each part of your bed…may be the last bed you ever buy!
  • Comfort Control Dial on each side of the bed for individualized comfort
  • 20 Year Warranty 
  • 90 Night Risk-Free Trial


“Our son bought us your bed. My husband has arthritis and I have it also, but I have fibromyalgia. My muscles don't relax at night and it becomes very painful. When our son bought this bed we were eager to try it. Neither of us have had our usual back pain when we wake up, but the best part is what it has done for my fibromyalgia. I would recommend this bed to anyone who has night pain and sleepless nights. This bed took the place of night time medication!!! Thank you so much.”  Joe and Judy Berry

"I suffer from Muscular Dystrophy, which is a degenerative disease that affects the immune system throughout the body. I have been having great difficulty sleeping along with back pain. My doctor recommended the Self Adjusting Technology mattress since it has been used for trauma and related health conditions in hospitals for many years. It has been a real blessing for my health in addition to comfort." Phyllis Weintraub, East Brunswick, New Jersey

Self Adjusting Technology™

The Natural FormŽ Sleep System features a patented air suspension system (Self Adjusting Technology™) that eliminates pressure points and properly supports the spine.

Self Adjusting Technology™ uses a basic physics law (Boyle's Law), 18 individual air cylinders and a series of patented valves to optimally adjust the bed’s firmness and softness to ensure that each person, regardless of weight, size or sleeping position, will not encounter a pressure point. This allows for proper NREM and REM sleep cycles as well as increased circulation and higher blood-oxygen levels.

Clinical studies have shown that higher blood-oxygen content levels strengthen the immune system. The stronger the immune system the better one can fight disease and reduce free radical damage.

A good mattress is essential for optimum sleep.

Doctors acknowledge now more than ever that sleep is essential for optimum health…and a mattress is essential for a better quality of life. When people sleep less than 6 hours per night, people increase their risk of acquiring a disease. Heart attacks and strokes are more common during the early morning hours which may be explained by the way sleep affects our blood vessels. Lack of proper sleep also contributes to stress, cholesterol, inflammation, and in some cases to cancer and diabetes.

In light of the connection between proper sleep, optimum health, and disease prevention, we decided to finally make the Natural FormŽ Sleep System available to the general public. Today, thousands of clients are experiencing the benefits of having a Natural FormŽ Sleep System at home.

The Natural FormŽ mattress is 10" thick and manufactured in all standard and custom sizes. Please visit or call 1-866-677-2156 for more information.









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