Not Enough Time… and a good reason why

It’s 8:15 pm and I was just going to leave the office and head home. We had been talking today about my “Good Grief” blog and someone said, “Lynne do you realize that you haven’t posted anything since last April!? There are a lot of people who have posted replies and you haven’t made any comments.  You can’t let these people down! I thought you were going to do a post a couple of times a week?”

My ...

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Anything is Possible

My life had become a practice of patience.  I would tell myself, “ I can stand this pain for two more months,” and I would imagine that during that time I would find the reason for my pain and a way to make it go away.  For the next two months I would practice living life in a very structured and predictable way.  I would try to sleep as much and as late as possible (which wasn’t ...

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