The Paradox of Pain: A Male Perspective

By: Gavin Levy

As young boys growing up, we are taught by society not to cry when we scrape our knee. If we bruised a knee when playing football, we learned how to hold the sensation of pain on the inside. In England you’ll hear the expression, “Grit and bear it,” and this is just what we did. So it can certainly knock a man’s ego when you cannot “grit and bear it.”

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Working with Community Leaders

By Sharon Waldrop

How can I make a difference? This is what I wanted to know after being diagnosed with FM at the age of 24. I felt deeply wronged by this illness. After learning all I could about this syndrome, and finding several helpful treatment strategies, I wanted to know how I could help ensure a better future for myself and others with FM. The answer, I learned, is advocacy—reaching out to community ...

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New Research – Pain Relief from Vitamin D

New research finds achieving healthy vitamin D levels helps relieve symptoms of chronic widespread pain

by  Amber Tovey

A recent study published in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases discovered that vitamin D replacement therapy improved musculoskeletal symptoms, depression and quality of life among patients with chronic widespread pain.

Chronic widespread pain (CWP) is defined as pain persisting ...

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