For over a dozen years the FM community has felt underserved and has been asking for the introduction of new and effective treatment options. The NFA has heard your expressions of frustration, fear and hopelessness, and we have fought for change and improved help for our community of millions! We are pleased to finally be able to celebrate and recognize that the FM and chronic pain communities have NOT been forgotten! 2024 will provide: new treatments, a better understanding of pain and the needs of people in pain, expanded education for both patients and HCPs, the building of a better well connected FM community, and the expansion of patient centered medicine providing patients with new ways to express their wants and needs! This year we will help you the FM community to learn about these NEW WAYS to help improve your health and show you that there are thousands of people who are working diligently to find ways to help improve YOUR quality of life!

Special Dates to Look For!

The Months of May – June

Developing NFA’s “Chronic Pain Research APP” providing information on research, how to take part in surveys and clinical trials, and outcomes of current research.

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May 12th, 2024

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Campaign – May 12th We are asking the Fibro Community to

“Stick up for FM”

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Wearable neuromodulation is a type of medical device that is worn on the body and sends mild electrical signals through the skin. An example, Quell Fibromyalgia, provides fibromyalgia symptom relief by comfortably stimulating sensory nerves through a device worn around the calf.  The nerves carry neural pulses to the brain that trigger a natural response to reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia.  This drug-free approach can be used along with other treatments.

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Awareness Day Campaign Event

“NFA’s People Who Care Video” Launches in June. Watch for details on the NFA’s website.

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Information on new FDA approved medical devices. All about new devices and where you can find them.

Very Exciting!

Announcing Chronic Pain Reset

A New Book By: Dr. Afton Hassett

We are delighted to announce the release of Chronic Pain Reset! The author, Dr. Afton Hassett, is an expert in pain self-management and resilience. She is also part of our  PainTools team! I am a contributor to Chronic Pain Reset – she features eleven inspiring reflections from people with lived experience.

April 22nd, 2024

Launch of NFA Founder, Lynne Matallana’s interactive, personalized, and Beta proven self-care program

The first interactive, digital health program that has been proven to REDUCE your PAIN &

improve your quality of life!

PainTools is an evidenced-based self-care methodology, providing a personalized, guided, and interactive experience, unlike anything ever available before. You are invited to watch a special introductory video featuring Lynne Matallana, founder of the National Fibromyalgia Association and a leading health advocate for people in pain. Lynne developed PainTools® along with pain experts and members of the pain community, to provide women the tools to reduce their pain and achieve a better quality of life!