By: Donna Coff

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1995, when no one knew what that was! I was involved in a motorcycle accident and at the same time graduating from college, & entering my internship at age 46, plus throwing myself a big graduating party! Needless to say the accident and the stress I was going through, threw me into a spin of fibromyalgia that I’ve been dealing with for 29 years now. Lots of ups and downs in life to deal with, and still learning at age 74. After about 10 years of having FM I was pretty use to it. Did all the things physically I could do to improve my situation. Also learned how to adapt really well so I could be happier. My college BA degree was in Recreational Therapy, so I adapted well with my activities. I was a very active person before FM, so it was a change for me, but I wouldn’t give up. Even at 74 yrs old now I’m still active, just have to pace myself and choose wisely. It’s been a long life journey, but I dont look back. I stay positive, and keep going. Love life, freedom, travel, pets, family, friends, and most of all God. I just want love, peace, joy and hope the rest of my life.
Peace to All…..
Donna Coff