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  • Participation in and helping to facilitate over a dozen fibromyalgia research projects.
  • Weekly interviews and dissemination of FM news to magazines, newspapers, web sites, bloggers, etc., in order to build awareness, override misinformation, and help everyone to better understand that FM is a real and life altering disorder.
  • Continuous support and assistance to thousands of people with FM every week.
  • Creation of information (articles and videos) to help people with FM and those who care for them, to have a better understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of FM and its overlapping conditions.
  • Speakers Bureau-NFA’s Founder, Lynne Matallana and other experts, including medical researchers and health care providers speak around the country helping to educate and influence others to help ensure better treatments for people with FM.
  • Leading the efforts in support of NFA’s Annual Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.
  • Creating awareness events and informational activities around the country.
  • Helping other not for profit organizations to advocate for people with FM and other chronic pain illnesses.
  • Any much, much more!