Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2018

The National Fibromyalgia Association founded National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, to designate May12th as the offcial day each
year when the FM community comes together in order to help spread awareness and information about living with the chronic pain and fatigue of FM. Since 1998 millions of people have celebrated FM Awareness Day, in hundreds of different ways! This year’s campaign, “Helping yourself…while helping others” reminds us that you feel better when you have made an effort to help others living with FM!

If you were a part of a Fibromyalgia Awareness Day event, fundraiser, or activity…please send pictures and the names of the people in the pictures, and where the pictures were taken, and we will put them up on the NFA site!  Send your pics to:

Support Syndio Health

1. Would you like to have a place where you could review the health treatments that you have tried, and discover new ones that have been evaluated by fellow communitymembers? Now you can! The National Fibromyalgia Association is pleased to share with our FM Community a new platform created by the Syndio Health Team. On May 12th, Syndio Health is releasing a new platform to help fight for those who are struggling with fibromyalgia. Their commitment: to enable you to make better informed health decisions and become self-empowered. Their promise: to do their best in helping you discover treatments that could change your life. You are not alone, and the NFA and Syndio Health understand your struggle. The Syndio Health platform is not an empty promise to find a miracle cure, nor is it a replacement for a doctor or professional medical advice. Syndio Health is a platform to discover and review treatments — a community that enables you to help yourself while helping others. On May 12th Syndio Health, in collaboration with the National Fibromyalgia Association & the Community Pain Center is celebrating Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and extending a new opportunity for members of the FM Community to help themselves, while helping others! Syndio Health has big plans for the future and they envision a simple healthcare experience: people and information connected seamlessly. They hold strong values and are driven to keep true to their mission — to empower people with FM.

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Proclamation Program

2. In 2004 the National Fibromyalgia Association established our Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Proclamation Program providing support groups or individuals the materials necessary to reach out to their elected officials asking them to declare May 12 as Fibromyalgia Awareness Day in their jurisdiction. Over the years the NFA’s Proclamation Program has succeeded in bringing awareness of the fibromyalgia community to all levels of government, from mayors and governors to even the president of the United States. Many support group leaders and individuals will contact more than one official and receive multiple proclamations. A support group leader in Orange County approaches every city mayor’s office and has received numerous proclamations over the years. The Internet is one of the best ways to determine who the officials are in your city, state and federal government. The following is a list of potential officials to approach:

City Mayors– Most cities now have a web site that list contact information
State Officials– Using your state’s web site, under legislators enter your zip code to determine your local representatives
Federal Officials: Visiting
Contacting government Officials:

Once you have determined the official(s) you would like to approach it is a good idea to contact their office and ask what their procedures are for proclamations and who you should send the request letter and proclamation language to. Then write a letter of request, attaching the proclamation, NFA Fact Sheet, and About FM. Don’t forget to include your contact information.


After you have sent the letter of request, wait three to give days and then call the person in charge of proclamations. Ask if the materials have been received, and if there are any questions. This is the most important step because you may need to re-send or fax it to them.

Create an Event

Once the official/representative has agreed to do a Fibromyalgia Awareness Day proclamation, you’ll need to arrange the best place to receive the proclamation. It can be done in a public forum such as a city council meeting, at a support group meeting, or a local hospital can host an event. Decide who will do the formal presentation; it could be the legislator, you, a support group leader, a doctor, or anyone who you feel best represents your local fibromyalgia community. Make sure to have the event where many fibromyalgia patients and their families can be

Promote Your Event

When you’ve decided on the presentation time and place, contact your local newspaper, television and radio stations. Feel free to contact as many media sources you wish. Encourage the reporters to do a story on Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, the proclamation presentation, and/or your local support group. If you need a spokesperson to answer media questions about Fibromyalgia and the NFA, text our main office at (949) 466-2373 and one of our staff will contact the media representative for you.

Have FUN!


“Host Your Own Event for the NFA”

You can come up with your own event and donate the proceeds to the NFA to help support all that we are doing here. Please use the form to get our attention and we will support you by Providing Awareness Day items (Logos and publicity) for you to use free of charge. We love to support you in your efforts to bring awareness to those who still haven’t heard our message. Then send us news and pictures of your event and we may use them on our site!


The ABC’s of Helping!

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The NFA Thanks You For Your Support & all of Your Hard Work!