Free Bracelet

This month we are excited to announce that for a donation of $50.00 you will receive a FREE gift of a beautiful purple and silver, FM Awareness, “Bracelet of Hope”. This gift will be sent to the first 200 people who donate $50.00 or more to the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA), a [501 ( c ) 3],  non-profit organization. Your donation is totally tax deductible and will help us to continue our important work to help the FM community.

Your contribution will make a difference!

(Not Shown Actual Size)

Free Bracelet

Please note: That if you are using PayPal, make sure you include you shipping address in the comments section provided.

This is the only way we will know where to send your gift!

Also if you provide us with your phone number you will be giving us permission to send you text message updates.

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