Grief Solution at Movies with Nancy

  “to Manage Your Mind and Heal Your Heart” ™

Covid19 has been a heart-breaking trigger for loss and grief worldwide. I feel it a lot personally and professionally in many different ways. One of the hardest for me has been to experience the absence of my beloved service dogs, Toaster and Pink. They would have been a huge comfort and delightful distraction during this almost surreal time of isolation and a lot of loss and grief.

I miss going to the movie theater with my service dogs, Toaster and Pink! They used to take turns sitting around my neck relieving my pain as the 24/7 No microwave HOT dogs that they were famous for as documented on Discovery Channel’s TV series Animal Planet (watch here).

got griefSo, on the 5th anniversary of “lifting up” Toaster, I had a unique idea of how to honor her and her legacy.  Why not combine my love of movies with my love of helping others navigate loss and grief by offering a unique group healing experience? On March 5th, 2021 from 5pm-8pm PST, we’ll watch the uplifting movie called “Angel Dog”.  I’ll guide us in an interactive discussion afterwards about the movie, what it brings up for you, what it teaches us about loss and grief, and what it shows us about the journey of healing grief.

I’m excited to offer this free, uplifting, and even fun way to help you transform your loss and grief into gifts and personal growth!

It’s my gift to you…and to myself…in honor of celebrating Toaster. That said, I’m bringing my own Kleenex :-) … and popcorn!

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