By: Sheila Olson

If you have a loved one with a chronic health condition, it can be difficult to know how to support them, especially if you’re consumed with worry about how they’re actually doing. Here are some helpful tips on how to get past that barrier of concern so that you can give them the support they’re searching for.

The National Fibromyalgia Association is committed to providing information, resources, assistance, and education for those suffering from fibromyalgia.

Be empathetic

It can be difficult for a loved one suffering from a chronic health condition to carry on with daily life. Hence, the importance of being empathetic to their situation. Here, it’s about more than just lending a listening ear, although this can sometimes be enough. But instead, it’s about asking the right questions, so you can get a feel for those areas they may be struggling with. And then do those things, however big or small, to help make life easier for them overall.

Help them take care of themselves better

If you notice your loved one struggling to get by with the necessities of life, and you can see that their health is declining, it may be time to step in and help them take care of themselves better. This may mean lending a helping hand in the kitchen by serving up healthy, nutritious meals for them to enjoy. If so, do be sure to research what special dietary requirements they require bearing in mind what their doctor has to say about the matter, too.Be Supportive

Help to create a home environment they’re comfortable in

Your work environment can either promote or impede how well you perform at work. Moreover, it can affect one mentally or emotionally, either positively or negatively. If this is an area you can see needs improvement, then perhaps they would greatly appreciate a home office makeover to help them cope better when working from home. Two areas you might want to pay attention to include the lighting of the home office and the functionality of the furniture in it.

Choose the correct lighting by focusing on white, cool lights to encourage optimum productivity in this space. Soft, warmer lights are excellent for when one wants to unwind and soak up the ambiance. Regarding furniture, ergonomic furniture is always best in an office space, as it promotes good posture and can help prevent unwanted headaches and fatigue. Choose an office chair that is firm yet comfortable and preferably adjustable.

Give them space to just be

Most chronic health sufferers would relish the opportunity at times to be left to their own devices. So, if you pick up the feeling that they need space and time to unwind and rest, try to give them the space they need, even if all you want to do is be close by. This can provide them with the opportunity they need to recharge their batteries so that they have the energy to face the world around them.

Donate to a nonprofit in their honor

People with chronic conditions often face unique challenges that many of us cannot even imagine. They may have to contend with pain, fatigue, and isolation on a daily basis. However, despite these difficulties, many people with chronic conditions lead full and inspiring lives. One way to honor their strength and resilience is to donate to a nonprofit in their name. This can help to bring awareness to their condition and raise funds for research and treatments. It can also be a way to build community and support for people living with chronic conditions.

By showing empathy, helping them at home, caring for their needs, and even starting a nonprofit, you can help your loved one and others. At the end of the day, being there unconditionally for your loved one is all they really need so that they can get better in their own time.