By: Bobbie Sanders

I worked for EDD as a key data operator and was injured on the job. I had to have rotary cuff surgery due to being misdiagnosed after surgery. I woke up in severe pain and after three Yrs. I was diagnosed having fibromyalgia by Dr. Bara but have been denied benefits even though the diagnosis was found work-related. I’m telling my story because fibromyalgia is difficult at times and I’ve learned that severely disabled people get looked over and treated badly, trying to advocate for themselves, due to their physical and mental state. I’ve found peace and love through this journey I hope my story helps someone, thank you for allowing me to share.

Fibromyalgia on the job

• What advice would you give someone who is newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia?
Learn as much as you can and apply it to your life. God has made you special and you’r going to have good days and bad. But you will adapt, you have fibromyalgia.
• What advice would you give to family members of someone with fibromyalgia?
Be patient with your person. They will have to adjust to a new way of living, and so will you!