By: Bon Yearwood

I have Had fibromyalgia for 30 years. I’ve been through the gamut of physicians ranging from primary doctors, to rheumatologists, and other types of doctors.

As I’ve gotten older my fibromyalgia symptoms have gotten worse. Unbelievably worse. Life-changing and life altering.

I was offered steroids, epidurals, MRIs and x-rays, psych meds, tens machines and PHYSICAL THERAPY … ETC … The list goes on and on. No one has helped me… No doctor has helped me, and I have been suffering for a very long time.

I think it’s very important for me to share this information with the fibromyalgia community. If it helps even one person, I am grateful.

Recently I went to an integrative medicine doctor and told her my symptoms. She has run many blood tests on me, She stated from the first time I met her that I was a very sick girl.

She is the kind of doctor that looks out of the box when it comes to diagnosing anything and explain to me that she learned none of this part in medical school and other doctors don’t learn it either. She mentioned health and felt I had leaky gut but she had to get to the reason why, and she said she was determined to get to the root cause.

Recently, I had a complete mold toxicity panel done and there were about eight items where I was extremely high out of the normal range from animals including, candida albicans. The Candida reading was so out of range including many other pathogens that this doctor was astounded and had never seen anything quite like the number of pathogens I have in my body.

The doctor immediately put me on 12 weeks of flu con is all and caprylic acid… To get the Candida overgrowth under control, not to mention a very strict Candida diet. That is where I am at right now. When I saw the mold, test results I was shocked beyond belief. This doctor thinks that this is the reason I have been so sick for many years. Never has a mainstream doctor tested me for this, and they foo foo it if you mention it to them.

I still have 10 more weeks of fluconazole to take,

and I will come back on this site with updates. I personally suspect that many many fibromyalgia patients have candida albicans overgrowth and I highly suggest to anyone with fibromyalgia to ask their doctor to do a complete more panel on them. If they won’t then go to an integrative medicine doctor, they are to be found if you Google them.

Candida can be caused from antibiotics, too much sugar… There are many reasons that this overgrowth can happen… Even from Medications.

I encourage anyone who reads the story to see out this complete Mold panel…. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You may have problems having a regular doctor do it but don’t let that stop you.