Medical Marijuana, Help for 20 Year Battle

By: Nancy Friedman

I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for years. I also had a benign brain tumor and gall bladder problem…had surgery for both within one month.

Then it was thought that I had a problem in which I needed to stop menstruating. I was given a shot to stop menstruating . Then…disaster in reaction to that shot. I was thrown into severe and unrelenting pain throughout my whole body after that shot.

For 20 years I had pain, often a level approaching a level 10, the highest, to reducing at various levels. I actually had ECT’s for pain. Yes, it is in the literature! Then, a few years ago I was able to start taking Medical Marijuana. It reduced my pain to zero. But I do not take other medications on any continuing basis, since the pain can come back easily.

I do not know when my body can react with pain, so I cannot let down my guard. I did get 2 anti-virus Covid shots and I did not have a problem. Thank goodness, but at least I would be helped by the Medical Marijuana.

medical marijuana gives help for fibromyalgia