By : Audrey Neill,

I have fibromyalgia. I feel blessed because before my diagnosis I had a very serious road traffic accident and after almost losing my life I really did see things from a new prospective.

I am in Ireland and I support others with fibromyalgia and it has made me see how similar we all are.

We have different symptoms at different times but mostly we feel the same a lot of the time.

I think support is the key to living a better life

and we all need to be active in supporting ourselves and others. Celebrate the good days and the wins and try to remember this day will pass when we have a bad day.

I have read and learned a lot from the Fibromyalgia Association and it is such a comfort knowing someone is there to keep our community voice strong and build awareness for this illness.

We do the same in Ireland and I’m sure there are more members from other corners of the world who can help extend our message and support locally.

Together we can do great things and raise awareness around the world.