By: Ilona Csécsei

Life with Fibromyalgia. My case happened in 2015. I am a photographer mother of 5 children. I  live in an apartment with 4 of  his 5 children all still need educated.  So I really had to allocate the money. We  left the father of the children to live alone. It was spiritual and economic terror for the 19 years we lived together. I live in Hungary.

One day  I wake up to find that everything hurts,

and I could hardly move. The captivity of pain lasted a long time.  I could hardly stand to work, so I’m a photographer  who should go clean something in a condominium. There’s no elevator and buckets  of  water have to be taken up to  the apt.  upstairs and washed up,  trash cans pulled out onto the with Fibromyalgia in Budapest

So everything hurt  and  as  time went  on and the pain didn’t go away, I went to the doctor. I went to  see a rheumatologist, I went to maybe 5-6 doctors, but  they  found no organ lesions  or only rheumatic lesions at  a level appropriate to my age. In the meantime, time passed and I tried all sorts of drugs so that I could get to work.

Even my sleep cycle  has been off,  at midnight I  am already intact  and from 5  pm I sleep, but  I wake up to muscle spasms in pain.

I  gave up photography and cleaning.  My children help with daily activities. I’m reading your page and I’ll take a lot of your good advice.