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Leslie Crawford Weber 59 asked 3 years ago

I received Covid Pfizer 2nd vaccine on March 30 at 9:30 am. I got chills that nite for about an hour. The next day I was in so much pain I could not walk. Every tender point was in excruciating pain. I’m 2 weeks out and still having back pain and burning sensation in neck and shoulders. I figured I would have some reaction but nothing like the pain I had. I could do anything for a week. I’m glad I got the shot but I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. Why would it cause such a flare up?

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Tracy answered 3 years ago

Wow, this site makes me want to cry. I knew all the pain was caused by the shot. This vaccine is worse then COVID. I had COVID Dec 2020 and got Moderna vaccine on 8-25-2021. It caused me to have bad kidney pain for 9 days, then severe sciatica nerve pain with muscle spasms after that in my right leg. The kidney pain is gone for the most part. But the nerve pain is spreading. It’s been hanging out in my right leg and hips, but I feel it going in my left leg as well. And it’s giving me shortness of breath lately. My chiropractor said the shot is the cause, my Dr said I have a pinched nerve. I say vaccine.. and No Way I’m getting the 2nd shot. I was a healthy and active 45 year old woman before the shot, now I’m hurting all the time. I used to exercise and walk, now I’m always sore and in pain.

Randy answered 3 years ago

Interesting, I have a similar shoulder pain, I thought it was a pinched nerve. Maybe not.

Margaret N answered 3 years ago

My fibro flare-up occurred after the first Pfizer jab and now it has been 2 weeks since the second jab and the pain continues. Possibly even getting worse. Only sharing this because it may help others to know how many of us are experiencing this side effect. I was not expecting it. Most of my pain is in my neck and traps, but I am also having some GI problems, and shortness of breath (light pressure in my chest). My best wishes for everyone experiencing this. Hang in there…. from my past experiences I know this will ease up eventually. But I will say – good luck getting me to take a booster shot.

Helena Moseman answered 3 years ago

I received my second Pfizer Covid vaccine on March 23rd and haven’t felt right since. I have widespread pain, a week after the shot I experienced severe dizziness for the first time, and my IBS is acting up. I never hesitated to be vaccinated but I hope that someone is monitoring these side effects especially since it is thought we will need boosters in the not too distant future.

Kathy Stone answered 3 years ago

I had my second Moderna shot on 3/4 I also have not felt well since and for the past week have had GI pain and burning nauseated feeling like I had the day after the 2nd shot along with fever and chills . Have been having more back and shoulder pain than usual .

Nilsa answered 3 years ago

I had both shots of Moderna and felt exhausted for the first night. The next two days were extremely painful, mainly the neck and upper back points. After that the pain came back down to the usual level. Due to my lymphedema, the shots were given in my upper left thigh. Do not know if that had anything to do with the reaction? Feel better!

Mary Guerra answered 3 years ago

I had severe body aches after my second covid vaccine shot. It lasted 5 days. After the 5 days of body aches I started having difficulty walking with severe leg pain below the knees. It’s been 3 months now since the vaccine and I’m still the same. It’s so hard to walk because of the leg pain. Has anyone else had this happen to you?

Polly Hanks answered 3 years ago

After my second covid vaccine I had the moderna I was severely sick for about 48 hours with it felt like when it felt like it attack every muscle joint everything in my body I still have what feels like severe flare-ups from it neck pain shoulder pain knee pain feet pain and leg pain like you I hope somebody is monitoring this

Donna answered 3 years ago

I received my first Moderna shot on 3/2 and had severe arm pain, lower back and hip pain. Also exhausted. I had the second Moderna on 4/1 and had flu like symptoms with 103 temp, chills, shakes, etc for 4 days. Also severe arm pain. Then all the fibro tender points flared up again. This time the pain finally moved from my lower back to my neck and shoulder. I do have a torn rotator cuff and I went to urgent care. The doctor there said I have a pinched nerve in my neck and arthritis in my shoulder. I may have but it seems like its related to the shot. Anyone have this type of pain? On 4/19 my doctor ran a lot of blood tests which all looked good except the ANA antinuclear test showed as positive. She wants me to get checked further as she feels I may have lupus. I asked my endo and he said he feels I don’t have it as the rest of the blood work is good. Did anyone have a positive ANA after the shot. It stands to reason that if all my tender points are flared up, it’s most likely the shot. Any ideas? Thanks, Donna

Helena Moseman answered 3 years ago

I am still experiencing pain and fatigue over a month after my second shot. I hope that someone in the medical community will address this before the booster is necessary.

Samantha answered 3 years ago

Just had my second Pfizer shot yesterday, I was fine all day yesterday, but woke up this morning in the worst Fibro pain I’ve ever had. Is this normal now for fibro patients?

Amy DeRosia answered 3 years ago

I do not have FIBRO and was in excellent health prior to my 2nd shot I received back in May. I am now unable to use my left and right arms as normal. Sometimes the pain is so terrible all I can do is allow my arms to hang by my sides and cry until the pain moves out. I have gone through x-rays, MRI’s and now seeing a Orthopedic Specialist for an aggerated rotor cuff! Strangely the pain moved from my left shoulder to the right. So BOTH are aggravated now out of the blue. Some nights I cannot even move my arms from the shoulder to the elbow with out someone helping me. This is scary stuff. I am on multiple pain meds and muscle relaxers, seeing multiple dr’s trying to figure out what is going on. Before the shot I was 100% healthy 45 year old woman.

David Smith replied 3 years ago

Same for me. I never had any Fibro symptoms until after my 2nd Pfizer shot. About a month later my right hip hurt awefull that I couldn’t walk. Then it went to my left hip. Then a month later it’s in my shoulder. I can’t walk without severe pain and can’t lift my right arm.
I’m 57 and in good shape and always been active. Now I just sit in my recliner all day and cry Everytime I have to get up to walk. Doc gave me anti inflammatory medication and pain meds which have done zero to take pain away. I’m now just depressed and wondering if I’m going to be in severe pain for the rest of my life.

danawc replied 2 years ago

I do not have FIBRO and was working out in a boot camp setting 2-3 times a week and 5 weeks after my second shot I woke up one morning and could not move my left arm if thought it was a pulled muscle so I stayed out of the gym then . about 2 weeks later could not move my right arm. Went to the orthopedic shoulder specialist for what he thought was a torn rotator cuff but all x-rays and MRI clear. Prednisone helps but steroid shots do nothing. It has moved into my hips and legs. I wake during the night in so much pain. I am currently going to a chiropractor and getting dry needling and doing PT once a week. I will be getting a C-spine MRI as my doctors have no clue what is causing all the pain. So scary that I am 55 years old and in the best shape of my life until this happened. 7 months later I am still looking for answers. Has anyone found any relief.

Stacey answered 3 years ago

Hours after my first Pfizer shot I felt excruciating pain in my neck and shoulder where it was administered.  Went to orthopedic and told me he didn’t know what was wrong but to do physical therapy.  Nothing is working and I have been dealing with severe pain that feels like twisting burning in my shoulder muscles. Can’t move my left arm up to reach things and worse at night.  I’m hoping this is not permanent but it’s been since Mid March.  The pain has been unbearable and everyday.  I won’t be doing any booster that’s for sure.  

Kirubel answered 3 years ago

Has anyone have a solution for these symptoms?

Lia answered 3 years ago

Hello all, I have had the same burning pain in the left shoulder blade 4 months after the vaccine. Can anyone tell me what they have done to resolve this?

Bronwyn answered 3 years ago

Hi! Has anyone tried LDN (Naltorexone) for post Covid symptoms?? I am curious if it will help me. Not the same after getting Covid. And got worse after vaccines. I was a zombie 1 week after 1st Pfizer, and still the same after #2. This cannot last, it is unbearable fatigue, fogginess,back pain, anxiety.

Krstafer Pinkerton answered 3 years ago

Second Moderna jab went like this;

That night just fine except where shot administered.

The next day fine until around 3pm. That night fever, chills.

Woke up with fever and body aches. No chills. Stayed in bed all day with hip pain. Didn’t have any other pains till morning.

The next day I was fine except a pinched nerve in my lower spine and new arthritic pain in pinky finger. It took me 40mg of torodol in the morning to get to work.

Day 4 back pain is ever so slight. Ibuprofen will suffice for today unless the pain is too much.

Now odd thing is I did nothing to pinch a nerve or cause such pain. Just the second jab of Moderna.

deeij replied 3 years ago

These are the exact symptoms I have. Going through this thread made me know that I’m not crazy or suffering from anything worse as my symptoms suddenly started immediately after my second dose of Pfizer. What I’d like to know now is has anyone used anything that has worked so far? Did your dr refer you to someone that can properly diagnose this?

Kenzie answered 3 years ago

A couple of mornings after I received my second Pfizer dose I woke up wanting to cry from the pain that was throughout my whole body. It subsided only a little but now get flare ups to how I felt that morning, but other than that I am constantly in chronic pain!! But back feels stiff and can only achieve minor relief. Sometimes I just want to cry because of the constant pain. I am 40yr with no health issues before the vaccine.

Brenda answered 3 years ago

I dont have the fix myself I had my 3rd booster phizer I’m immunocompromised and have chrohns disease. I just started 1 infusion and 1 injection. Since the booster my arm hurts bad my shoulder on same side and my back of neck hurts my hand is a bit numb like 4 days out almost 5 and my fibromalgia is bad at least it feels this way both arms at times can’t sleep pain and sound kind of hoarse with throat irritation anyone else??

Nancy answered 3 years ago

I got my second Pfizer dose in March. My fibro symptoms had been pretty mild overall for years. I usually only needed a vicodin about 5 times in a month. Within a couple of weeks I was having such severe pain, stiffness, fatigue & lack of energy. It was like I was 20 years ago. This lasted for a couple of weeks, then one morning I was pretty close to being back to my normal pains & stiffness. But by mid May the severe pain, stiffness and insomnia started becoming a regular occurrence. Now it’s Sept 11 and I haven’t gotten any better.

Sarah answered 3 years ago

Oh this is an amazing thread! I got my 2nd shot in july, and have not felt the same since. I feel like i have nerve damage in my neck and upper back. My bowels have quit working and laxatives don’t work. I have no strength in my arms or hands anymore either.

Vanessa answered 3 years ago

I’m glad I stumbled across this thread. Chronic pain almost daily since my 2nd dose at the end of May. Pain so severe 2 weeks post 2nd dose of Moderna I went to the ER. Couldn’t find anything with blood work/urine. One week later back at the ER again as I suddenly starting having issues urinating. Again, bloods and urine tests showed nothing. They did an ultrasound as well, nothing. This has been an ongoing medical nightmare since. I have ruled out RA, MS next would be internal medicine. At first I started wondering if this general pain wasn’t the onset of cancer. I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one going through this and how common it is. Honestly, very reluctant to get the 3rd Booster (I’m immuno compromised). My quality of life has gone down the toilet. I’m 41, active and usually energetic. Now for months I feel like I am 80 years old when I get out of bed in the morning. The pain even wakes me during the night.
I do hope as well that this is being documented.

Sandy Cook answered 3 years ago

OMG! I beginning to think the Moderna vaccine may be a culprit in my lower back pain as well. Since taking both 1st and 2nd dose, I have constant chronic back pain! I have not injured my back myself and was thought that my minor knee pain may have caused a slight body alignment to cause lower back pain! I have done everything since vaccine shots using Tylenol, chiropractic, physical therapy, pilates reformer classes, mat pilates, water aerobics, and walking, which by the way relieves temporary pain and keeps me moving but the chronic pain comes in the middle of night during sleep. I can’t sleep, I get up a take muscle relaxer (which by way…I have not used previously in my 63 years of life! I beginning to think the vaccine may have intensified my pain that I have not experienced before. My mobility just seems off!

Jana David answered 3 years ago

Wow. I’m 5 months past 2nd Pfizer shot. Went to my dr. ( who was against vaccine in the first place) for middle around rib cage and lower back pain and just recently neck pain. Theses pains Move around. One day it’s my neck I get that under control then It’s my hip. She said it could be reaction from shot and advised me not to get booster. Have my first pt appt today. But it appears this may not be the answer for that. Anyone in the same boat! TIA

David Smith replied 3 years ago

I’m in the exact same boat as you. Got my second Pfizer shot early Sept and a month later my right hip started killing me. Then it went to my left hip as well a week later. Then in Nov. It went to my right shoulder. Now I can barely walk and am in extreme pain and can’t lift my arm. Started PT as well, but really doesn’t help much. I just want to know how long this pain is gonna ng to last! I am whipped.

Donna Cantone answered 3 years ago

Sandy and Jana, yes I had terrible fibro pain after both Moderna shots. The pain does move around. I had low back pain, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder pain. It kept moving. I went to a chiropractor who said I was full of inflammation from the shot. I just had a bout with costochondritis – inflammation around the chest wall and rib on the left side. For months since my 2nd and last shot I’ve been sick with a lot of things that I thought were in my past. I will not get a 3rd or a booster. Good luck! Donna

FrancescoD answered 3 years ago

Johnson vaccine.. three months leg pain.. no clinical issues found.. however I’m still visiting physicians for any case

FrancescoD replied 3 years ago

Update. 6 months later. The truth is that the pain has decreased. I am taking a supplement recommended by a doctor. This supplement contains vitamin B complex, Mg, Zn, SOD, ALA. Has the supplement helped me? I do not know, maybe yes. However, it may also be due to the fact that 6 months have already passed and it may heal on its own.

I would like to tell you in detail my course so far.
First of all, I am 26 years old from Greece and I got the vaccine in June. From the very next day, strange pains appeared in both legs, which were as if I was wearing some kind of tight belt around the knee, calf, and thigh. Eventually it passed through the left foot, but remained on the right. It was very intense is the truth. I was so scared that I went to the hospital and they did a blood test, a chest x-ray, an electrocardiogram, and an X-ray of my brain in case I had a micro-ischemic attack. In the end, the results did not show anything, but the pain persisted. I had to go to private doctors and pay a lot of money for examinations. I went to an orthopedic doctor in cause it is related to a bone disease. I did MRI on the whole leg which showed nothing. I also did a MRI in the waist, maybe the pain I feel is due to a nerve that is pinched by an intervertebral disc. However, the examinations did not show anything worrying. I had no problem. He also recommended that I visit a neurologist to see if I have any neuropathy. The neurologist did an electroneurogram and electromyogram, which told me that it shows that there is no trace of neuropathy, and on the contrary my right leg is more “strong” than the left and recommended me to visit an angiologist (vascular doctor) to look at the veins and arteries of my foot. So I went to an angiologist who did a doppler on my leg which did not show anything, and recommended me to do general blood tests, d-dimer and prothrombin which also came out well. I explained my whole course to him and he did not know what to say to me. He told me that maybe my leg muscles are cramped or maybe it is some form of inflammation from the vaccine and he told me to be patient to heal on his own since they can not find anything on my leg and he also told me to take a supplement which contain a complex of vitamin b, magnesium and alpha lipoic acid which might help me. At the moment I am writing to you, as I mentioned above, the pain has decreased. If in the past the pain was 8/10, now it is 5/10 which I consider to be a great progress. I do not know if I will do an extra dose, because I have not received any exact answer to my problem. Since there is no sure answer to the problem I am facing, the only solution I can make is to be patient as the doctor told me and let it heal alone.

The reason I am writing to you is to let you know that we can fight it, and be patient. Since I feel better after a few months, this means that you will also feel better. Try to think positively.

Mary Ann answered 3 years ago

I got my first shot of Moderna in my left arm and ended up with Cellulitis(an infection of the skin). I had to take an Antibiotic to clear it up. So for the second shot my doctor and I thought I should get it in my other arm(right arm). I received my shot around the middle part of May. About a week later I thought I had done something to my rotator cuff because I was in severe pain. It would start at the shoulder and hurt all the way down my arm into my fingers. I would have to get up in the middle of the night because I could not sleep with the pain and take Ibuprofen. I do not have the strength in my arm like I use to. It hurts me to lift my arm above my head and keep it there. I keep thinking this is going to go away but it never does. Now I am experiencing pain mostly in the evening in my right leg. My husband kept telling me it is from your shot. I didn’t believe him at first now I am a firm believer it is from the shot after reading all your comments.

Jana David answered 3 years ago

Hey the pt session was helpful. She said I was sooo tight and worked on me with scraping tens and heat. That was for my neck and a little on my hip. Went to dr and got a cortisone shot in the hip. It has eased some neck is the sorest. No one has mentioned cdb gummies or balm. It was sorta expensive. Koi got it at the drug store Walmart doesn’t have it. Got the lowest dose was 80.00 their website is cheaper. Haven’t used it long enough to say yeah or nay. But that’s the information. Anyone used ? TIA

Ali answered 3 years ago

I just got my second pfizer shot yesterday. I couldn’t sleep at all last night and today I am in the most pain. My shoulders and neck are hurting so much and the pain radiates down into my fingers. I cant stop crying because it hurts so much.

Anastasiya answered 3 years ago

I got my second shot last Wednesday. I only had mild arm pain, but it\’s day 5 for me, my arm still hurts, my back and my shoulders as well. I started having these weird sensations on day 2: prickling in my arm and fingers, in my face, legs🥺. I am praying all this will go away soon. I worry about it.

Jana David answered 3 years ago

Ali I hate that for you I’ve been using cdb balm and and a tens machine I got at Walmart. I have another pt session on Wednesday. I should be about back to normal unless it flares up again. I wish you best

Renci answered 3 years ago

I have Ehler-Danlos Syndrome. Had a respiratory infection in October 2019. Unbearable back hip and shoulder pain. Was totally bedfast. Started doing prolotherapy. Was helping immensely then got my second shot. Put me back to square 1. Started prolotherapy again and I am able to sit up and walk and semi-functioning now. It is EXPENSIVE and not covered by insurance. It also HURTS! This all feels like being in labor for 2 years now. It is truly a living Hell. The prolotherapy is a life saver and I highly recommend it if you can get access to it. God bless warriors.

Abhi answered 3 years ago

Thanks god I found this as I was going crazy as doctor don’t seem to agree it’s vaccine effect . Have you guys tested for Transverse Myelitis from vaccine and how we test for it , it’s documented in few links can be caused by vaccine .I have had crazy pulsating burning upper back pain after 2nd Pfizer and since then I feel chronic pain in upper back between holders and heave arms . I am scared as same condition is also related to MS.

Tracy answered 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone in the early months of getting their first shot (and didn’t take the second) have had any of their pain go away? I took the 1st shot 8-25-21 and am not taking the 2nd shot because of all the pain it caused. I’m hoping in 3-4 months the Moderna will leave my body and have cause no more pain. This is just crazy, everyone on here is experiencing pain from the shot. This vaccine needs to be “boosted” with more shots, I’m really hoping that the effects will ware off for all of us.

Cathy answered 3 years ago

This is so crazy reading all these adverse effects. I have had ongoing pain after 2nd Pfizer shot. It’s travels from my shoulder to my neck and sometimes down my right left arm. Dr disagrees it vaccine I say it is. I was fine active and pain free prior to second dose. I am in Physio trying acupuncture and nothing is working. My dr prescription was Percocet. I’m trying to only do them when pain is absolutely unbearable. This is ongoing and 6 weeks post second shot. No one can answer why I have this debilitating pain I’m really frustrated and will not ever get a vaccine again. This is just not right and needs to be made public.

Val answered 3 years ago

I am 2 weeks post 2nd Pfizer shot and have experienced the exact same as most people on the thread. Particularly the person who stated that they have been having trouble urinating. I’ve been cramping on the left side for 4 days straight now. Blood test, urine test, and ultrasound came back clear. However, the regular sensation I feel when it’s time to go, has been replaced with nearly unbearable pain-only to just barely pass the urine when I try. For the last 24 hours I have even started to limp due to leg pain. Prayers of healing for us all.

Namaste answered 3 years ago

Hi all. I had the pzifer 1st covid shot last Monday, so it has been like 11 days since my 1st shot. I used to have like a muscle pain only on the right side of my shoulder, that has been going on for >1 month or so; no diagnosed fibro before that. Since the day after the vaccination, I have developed intense muscle pain starting from my neck to both sides of shoulders. To the point where it burns even when I am not moving. It has only been getting worse and worse. Today is especially painful. I am only 33 yo. I don’t know what this is. None of my family experiences this. I can’t even sleep right because most positions cause my neck area to have some sort of burning sensation. Depressed. From reading all posts, seems like it’s sort of permanent mysterious illness thing that doctors can’t do nothing about.

K answered 3 years ago

I got my second shot two weeks ago now and I am experiencing the same exact pain. Particularly in upper back between shoulder blades. I also have been experiencing some chest pain on occasion. Not sure if that is entirely related. In addition to this, my heart has been pounding on and off and I’m not sure if it is due to the pain I am experiencing or not. Went to the Er the other night and they didn’t see anything on ECG or X-ray, so I suppose that’s good. Hang in there everyone

Krista Johnson answered 3 years ago

I received my 2nd dose of Pfizer shot 2 weeks ago. About 15 mins. after receiving the 2nd dose I developed numbness and tingling down the same arm I received the shot, that lasted for a day then I developed pain from injection site to my neck that felt like a pulled muscle or strain. That lasted about 4 days then I developed a tingling/numbness sensation on my upper back by my right shoulder blade and spine. That feeling would come and go for a week in a half. Now for the last two days same area on my back I have a burning sensation along with severe pain that mostly stays in that area but has started to radiate to my back of my neck and shoulder on my right side. I got both vaccines in my left arm. The pain is starting to become unbearable and otc pain relievers are not helping at all. The pain makes me want to vomit. Im only 36 and was very healthy before I received the Pfizer vaccines. I had to get them due to my job making it mandatory. I also developed dark bags under both my eyes, migraines have got more worse, have no appetite, no energy, don’t feel like myself anymore. Is anyone else feeling these same symptoms that I described? I am at the point of going in to the er to make sure there isn’t anything else that could be causing all this pain and discomfort. My pain is constant and doesn’t go away. It doesn’t matter if im resting or moving. Im icing the area right now and that is helping with the burning sensation. I want to bawl my eyes out this is horrible.

Jana (David)Davis answered 3 years ago

Ok folks first of all I am in no shape shape or form offering medical advice. This is my journey. Trial and error I’m almost 90% better. I have tried all this with some relief. Koi cdb gummy and balm. Small Walmart tens machine on painful spots twenty minutes twice a day. One of those copper fit compression bands for upper thigh helped hip Advil for pain and pt twice a week next week over and magnesium spray. That’s a lot but it helped a lot. Walmart does not carry cdb or spray. Amazon. If this helps one person I’ll be thrilled. Good luck on your journeys


KEY answered 3 years ago

Took Pfizer 1st dose 2 days ago. My entire body aches. I feel like I have the flu. Most of my pain in in my upper middle back!!

Samantha answered 3 years ago

I’m posting again, heart 5 months after my second Pfizer dose. The pain has been more abundant since getting the shot and every little injury makes my whole body hurt that much more. I dislocated my pinky finger pretty badly (no fracture thank god) about 6 weeks ago and that sent me into a flare that just won’t quite calm down. Now my PA seems to think I’m drug seeking apparently as she cut me off my pain meds completely last week, with no chance to taper down and detox on a tapered dose. I couldn’t be more livid! I tried Lyrica with horrible side effects and will start a cymbalta and Citalopram cocktail tomorrow. PA says they are not “great” to mix together but we are running out of options sans pain medication. Mind you, I took myself off Percocet and asked for norco 5/325 instead. I have no clue where to find a doctor who takes this stuff seriously!!

Naddiecat answered 3 years ago

I previously had a sore shoulder and neck pain that they believed was from a herniated disk in my neck. I’ve had cortisone injections in my neck, shoulder and AC joint but nothing worked. Then I got the Pfizer vaccine and now my pain feels like a burning constant sensation from my neck to my shoulder and down my right arm. It feels like a nerve pain and Physio has advised only strengthening my muscles will get me over it. I am unable to work and living off codeine in order to try to exercise and strengthen my muscles. This activated it immensely despite the codeine and I’m in constant agony. Am using a tens machine, heat packs, medication and exercise/stretching but it’s like nothing helps! Anyone else experienced anything similar since vaccination?

Jana (David) Davis. answered 3 years ago

Ok folks first of all I am in no shape shape or form offering medical advice. This is my journey. Trial and error I’m almost 90% better. I have tried all this with some relief. Koi cdb gummy and balm. Small Walmart tens machine on painful spots twenty minutes twice a day. One of those copper fit compression bands for upper thigh helped hip Advil for pain and pt twice a week next week over and magnesium spray. That’s a lot but it helped a lot. Walmart does not carry cdb or spray. Amazon. If this helps one person I’ll be thrilled. Good luck on your journeys

Declan answered 3 years ago

I had first pzifer on 1st of July, two weeks later I got burning inflammation type pains around spine area between shoulders, and later devoped acute insomnia which I’m still suffering from. I have also developed some neurological symptoms like numb hands legs and facial muscles at times. My primary care doctors prescribed 50 mg of promethazine which almost gave me cardiac arrest. I never went back for second vaccination, I’m too scared to do so..  I wonder if these symptoms will ever subside..My doctors just brush me off as being over stressed and anxious..

Donna answered 3 years ago

I got my 1st Moderna in March, 2nd in April. I’ve been sick with arm pain, felt like the flu for 4 days after the 2nd. Now the pain has moved all around my body and inflamed each tender point. It’s settled in my lower back as I’ve read other comments like this. I went to the ER a few weeks ago with terrible chest and rib pain. I was diagnosed as having costochondritis which is common in fibro. I have also read that there’s a stage 4 Moderna study on why people get this after the shot. So the shots can cause this. I went to a chiropractor for several months and she said I was totally inflamed and she could not ease the pain in my lower back and now right hip. It’s almost like sciatica. My ANA blood test was positive too and my dr thought I had lupus. I think it’s all related. If anyone else had a positive ANA please let me know. Thanks. Good luck to all, Donna

pbz answered 3 years ago

I’m 55 have type 2 diabetes and had a quad bypass on my heart 6 yrs ago . 1st shot I was sick for 5 days then light symptoms for 4 weeks but then I took 2nd shot and boom lower back pain , chronic headache and dizziness daily . Now I have a nasty ache in middle part of my back and around my heart it is like a tight fist . This is horrible . The ringing in the ears comes and goes and I eat a perfect diet and I still feel like crap . No booster for me .

J answered 3 years ago

38 healthy before second dose almost 2 weeks ago. Have had pain in left breast and upper back, feels like nerve pain. Went to ER for blood work and EKG and everything was normal. Doctors tend to ask if it was from over doing it or a workout injury. I have never felt this way post vaccine and haven’t exercised since I got it because it’s painful. Going back to my doctor to find out more. I was very hesitant about this vaccine so my anxiety has been crazy.

Kking answered 3 years ago

Received j&j 5 weeks ago… I too have burning upper back pain, tightness in my chest, ringing ears, and exhaustion beyond belief. Is there anything we can do?

Jana Davis answered 3 years ago

In reference to the article Anne Turner presented. Three years ago I got the 65+ flu shot from a pharmacy tech and had the shoulder and neck pain. Dr Dx it as frozen shoulder syndrome. Due to a bad placement of shot. It took about 4 weeks for it to subside I used that tens machine daily. So it is a real thing. Just FYI I have since had a regular flu shot no issues until the 5 month post 2nd vaccine. Mystery for sure.

Anne Turner answered 3 years ago

For those of you with shoulder and neck pain, I found this article that might help. Seems it could be how the injection was given?’t-aim-too-high-avoiding-shoulder-injury-related-to-vaccine-administration/

Namaste answered 3 years ago

It’s been > 3 weeks since my first covid pfizer shot. There has been 0 change in my condition so far. Same thing – muscle pain on both shoulders and the neck to the upper back side, especially with any side to side head movement. I can’t no longer sleep on my left without waking myself up with pain. Just had a good cry. So this will be the rest of my life. I wish for everyone of us to heal from this pain.

Fatih S answered 3 years ago

I had the exact symptoms as Margaret N. after taking the first does of Pfizer vaccine and 32hours later I woke up in the middle of the night with a sudden trapezius muscle pain and a head rush which lasted approx 1min. I got up and walked around which helped little bit. Then I wrapped myself in a bathrobe and increased the heating temp to 23C, went back to bed after 30mins and the pain slowly went away. It’s morning now and I feel much better. I hope this may help anyone with similar symptoms.

Heather answered 3 years ago

I got my J&J vaccine in March and had zero side effects. Two days ago I decided to get the Moderna booster. At first, I had no side effects. Slowly, pain has been building at the base of my neck, in my shoulders, traps and straight down the middle of my back. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the worst, I ‘m about a 7-8. I took Aleve and it really hasn’t made it feel better. I feel stiff when I walk. I ‘m 48 yo and have been leading a healthy lifestyle. I have never been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I simply did a search for back, neck and shoulder pain due to the Moderna booster. I hope the pain subsides because I was just trying to do what is right by getting this booster shot.

pbz answered 3 years ago

Pfizer 1st shot Sept 7 2nd shot October 5 . I feel like hell. I have type 2 diabetes and had a quad bypass 6 yes ago but I managed both just fine but after both Pfizer shots I have chest tightness off and on , nausea daily , dizziness but also my mental outlook on life is not positive and I find myself struggling to concentrate and keep a positive attitude . After those shots my physical but mental health has declined big time . Take your booster and shove it .

Hector answered 3 years ago

I got the jj shot and since the first day I got it’s pain going down the left side were i got the shot. Dr. Stat w she does not believe it’s related to vax, she states it might be sciatica and gave me muscle relaxers for 5 days I got vax on 10/16. Now pain is moving around too. Pain is excruciating and I’m only 32 years old no under lining issues healthy person until now. I can’t sleep at night and have to keep turning

Dena answered 3 years ago

I was forced by my job to get vaccinated. I got the Pfizer vaccine. 1st vaccine a few days after I noticed I had a numb spot on my lower palm…still have it.2nd vaccine the next day started having hip pain. Thought maybe Sciatica but it just wasn’t the same . Been about a month and my hip is excruciatingly painful now. Feels like someone is tightening and crushing my hip…goes from my butt through the front of my hip..down my groin and straight down my thigh.The last week I have had continuous tingling in my whole leg. If I sit and then get up I get this flushing feeling in my leg.. the tingling increases and the severe pain starts. I can’t walk any kind of distance without feeling immense pain. Went to ER last night my blood pressure was 170/109 because I was in so much pain.They did an CT scan and x-rays…plus blood.Nothing definitive showed . They gave me pain meds and Valium. Didn’t touch the pain. I never had any kind of pain like this before getting vaccinated.It is brutal.

Angela answered 3 years ago

Oh wow! So many people with different symptoms since their jabs.

I had my second Phizer shot on October 10th and felt a bit funny, like I had the after effects of a migraine or a hangover and I couldn’t sleep properly for about a week.

But it’s been three weeks now and I just haven’t felt right since. My hips and back have been aching unbelievably the past 4-5 days but I put it down to my periods, which began then. However, the pain I’m getting in my hips and back is worse than I’ve ever had. Seems like my joints are inflamed and sore. I do have arthritis and my hips ache quite regularly of a night anyway but they’ve been aching all day for the last week. And the pain last night almost brought me to tears and I have a pretty decent pain threshold.

I did slip over the day after my vaccination and fell heavily. Hurt my knee and left shoulder and elbow so was putting the increased hip pain down to that – compensation for the way my body has been dealing with the hurt knee.

However, I’m haemorrhaging now. This in itself isn’t unusual (I’m 46) but the massive clots and pain, combined with the pain in my back and hips, is definitely unusual.

I clicked that maybe my symptoms aren’t due to falling but are due to the vaccine. Went researching for whether others have had similar experiences and found this thread.

I really believe my current clots, hip and back pain is from the jab. And sometimes, people need to listen to us. I know my doctor won’t believe me but I really believe it to be the case.

I hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

Namaste answered 3 years ago

Just want to update that, it’s been almost 4 weeks since I had the pfizer covid vaccine. I am so happy to report that most of deep shoulder muscle pain that I have experienced have almost subsided. The pain still comes and goes, especially on my right blade, but I’ll take it over the constant excruciating sharp pain earlier. I suppose my symptoms were not fibro related. That said? I am still extremely apprehensive about taking the 2nd shot. I have delayed and delayed my appointment. Absolutely wish that everyone will recover from pain.

Reb answered 3 years ago

Long term yogi here. I got struck down with the pain in the middle of my upper back and deep into both hips. Couldn’t go to yoga for three weeks after my second shot. Can’t sit in a chair without my hips feeling seized. The pain feels like it’s deep inside my bones. No booster for me!

Elizabeth answered 3 years ago

Wow. I have a pinched nerve in my back that mysteriously appeard after getting the first shot of moderna on September  15th 2021 .. I’m scared to get the second..
I am scared the second one may cause something worse

Jennifer answered 3 years ago

I got the moderna shot last week. Against my better judgement. Felt good to start with and now severe lower back pain and hip pain. Everything feels tight and no relief in sight. I’m not willing to go for the second one now.

seitzlabs answered 3 years ago

Hello All
I feel your pain it has been 7 months since my vaccine and my leg pain is getting worse. Now, I also have chronic fatigue…
the pain feels like a Charlie horse in both legs when i try to walk. I have to keep hobbling around because if I sit, that is when my muscles start tightening-up. My legs twitch when I wake-up and put weight on them trying to get to the bathroom I am health and was very active; rollerblading, skateboarding, biking, running…  no more >:^{   Doctors think I am making my condition up and won’t refer me to a neurologist.

msalman answered 3 years ago

I had my second shot 3 days ago and from the day after I have severe pain from my neck to lowerback. I hope it goes away soon.

ge383 answered 3 years ago

I received my first and only dose of Pfizer in March. 2 weeks later I ended up in the ER for severe hives all over my body and chronic lower back pain, hip and knee pain. 9 months later, I am experiencing daily chronic pain in my lower back, hip and knees. Days get worse and I cannot get up after sitting without slowly unfolding my back. I’m 38 years old and I feel like the vaccine accelerated any issues I could have gotten when I would be older. I believe the vaccine is the reason for my chronic pain. I am not taking the second dose or boosters. The vaccine has changed my lifestyle for the worse. I cannot walk like I used to, exercise, do weights, or simply just get up from a chair without the severe pain in my lower back and knees. My family tries to help by rubbing my back with pain relieve creams but it only works temporarily. Wish I would have never gotten the vaccine. Any suggestions on how to cope with the severe chronic pain is appreciated.

qweent replied 3 years ago

This is super crazy. I’m 38, as well, and have had lower back pain since the vaccine. Interestingly, I got the booster a couple weeks ago and the pain was noticeably worse thereafter. I’m so sorry to hear about your suffering…I’m right there with you. I’ve been in physical therapy for 5 months and feel 0% better. Prescription medications via various specialists have not been helpful either. I’ve tried different topicals to manage the pain and they’ve caused me to break out in hives, though I’ve never had an allergy in my life – not to a damn thing. I’m incredibly uncomfortable all day, my body is showing complete resistance to getting better and this has totally impacted my life in the worst way :((

qweent replied 3 years ago

This is super crazy. I’m 38, as well, and have had lower back pain since the vaccine. Interestingly, I got the booster a couple weeks ago and the pain was noticeably worse thereafter. I’m so sorry to hear about your suffering…I’m right there with you. I’ve been in physical therapy for 5 months and feel 0% better. Prescription medications via various specialists have not been helpful either. I’ve tried different topicals to manage the pain and they’ve caused me to break out in hives, though I’ve never had an allergy in my life – not to a damn thing. I’m incredibly uncomfortable all day, my body is showing complete resistance to getting better and this has totally impacted my life in the worst way :((

Pearl answered 3 years ago

I’m 50 yrs old w/ Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Just got Moderna booster (3rd shot.) I barely remember the other 2 shots other than not being able to move my arm for several days, and getting no sleep the night of the shot. This time around I feel like I’m dying. I feel like all my bones are broken. Worst joint pain of my life. Plus chills, nausea, horrendous exhaustion, & muscle pain all over. I’m leaning towards taking my chances w/ Covid b/c this booster is absolute torture.

qweent answered 3 years ago

I’ve had non stop lower back pain, and it’s my neck and shoulders, too, since around the time I got my first Pfizer vaccine. I’ve been to a chiropractor, orthopedic doctor, rheumatologist, and had 5 months of physical therapy. I’ve never seen specialists like these in my life prior. I’ve been given muscle relaxers and medicine for inflammation. None of this has helped and I’m in constant pain. It’s interfered with my entire life, from professional to social. I’m so incredibly sick over this.

seo answered 3 years ago

I am 28. Previously no pain, healthy, would workout 5 times a week (yoga Pilates hiking).
since my second Pfizer dose 4.5 months ago I experienced pain around my left shoulder where the injection went in. I felt pain down to the left elbow, in the left arm, in the left side wall chest, in the left pec, on the left shoulder blade. My first doctor dismissed me for being too stressed but I never had this pain before. I went to a private doctor who I asked if I had bursitis and she referred me to a surgeon who had an MRI done and said I had bursitis (likely shot was administered incorrectly). Since then I declined a cortisone shot as I am now worried about injections. I have been doing physiotherapy daily since then and I found that has helped a significant amount. I sometimes wonder if I really have bursitis as my symptoms are not common (ie no pain when lifting arm up and the other symptoms the doctor said sound muscular). 4.5 months in now I am feeling better, I iced, ate anti inflammatory food and did physio. I did have a flare up half way through which lasted 3 weeks and I felt terrible that it was coming back. This has really affected me … I haven’t done yoga Pilates or long hikes since then. I am hopeful I am improving. I recommend “the London Physio” she does work with anyone in any country via online.
I hope you all get better! Stay focused on doing all you can to get better! Eat well, do physiotherapy and take the directions your doctors provide diligently .. I know it takes a lot of work. Also don’t be afraid to ask different doctors for second opinions

Heathbar answered 3 years ago

I got my second Pfizer vaccine on 12/27. The next day I had bad headaches for days then starting getting neck pain. I tried ibuprofen, heating pad, tiger balm, stretching, massages. Nothing helps and the pain is getting worse. It is now starting to radiate to my shoulders down to my arms. Any other suggestions would be helpful. I thought about going to the doctor or ER but don’t know if I’d be wasting my time. I just want the pain to go away

stabilemanu answered 2 years ago

since ive got the first vaccine in July ive been feeling sick. Every month getting flu like symptoms and terrible muscle pain. Now i have to take the booster but so afraid