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LESLIE asked 4 years ago


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Eddy Drew answered 3 years ago

I consult with numerous patients in LATAM (Colombia and Brazil) where we are experimenting with different doses of cannabinoid formulations to assist in reducing the pain and inflammation associated with fibromyalgia flare-ups. Here’s what we have noticed:

-THC dominant oral formulations seem to work best with reducing pain, however since they are psychoactive, you need to get something in the low-to-mid dosage schedule (5-15mg daily of THC concentrates depending on your body weight and severity of the disease) so that you don’t feel couch-lock. The downside is that you will get high, so avoid any risky activities such as driving. It is also risky for day-time workers because employers won’t let you consume cannabis even with your daytime flare-ups. Drink lots of water and manage your coffee consumption.

-CBD full spectrum so far has helped my patients with inflammation and sleep, however, we tend to supplement this with THC in order to address the pain.
-CBD-isolate based formulations, based on our patient feedback, have appeared to be less effective than CBD full spectrum or broad-spectrum formulations.

In addition to taking cannabis medication, we have noticed that most of our patients who exercise regularly (3-4x week, mostly cardio, circuit training, and yoga), eat an alkaline diet (lots of spinach, spirulina, lemon water, kale), and do regular meditation and breathing exercises (yoga primarily) seem to get the best results. It depends on the age and severity of the condition as well. If you are young and have fibromyalgia, keep yourself moving. The more you sit down, the more your nervous system acts up it seems. If you’re working a desk job, get up every 30-45 minutes and walk around, try to stretch as well. Stay as active as possible.

We will continue experimenting with different patients and give more feedback. I hope that this helps!

Warm regards,

Sumer Farms/Telemedcan

Sherry answered 4 years ago

I am allergic to THC, so was apprehensive about CBD oil. I found it in topical form instead and it has given me some relief. I have heard good things about CBD oil orally, though.

Debbie answered 4 years ago

I have found that it does help me in the higher mg ones. I order mine on Amazon at really good prices. It helps keep me relaxed. I’ve been having Fibro for 32 years. Good luck

Karen Ryan answered 4 years ago

I use topical CBD cream to deal with night time nerve pain and  over activity..  I tried the pills and oral oils with no success, but everyone is different.  The frustration is what brand to trust.

Joanne answered 4 years ago

I tried it at even double does recommended.  Didn’t do a thing for me.

Roberta answered 4 years ago

CBD oil didn’t do a thing for me, so I tried some of the medical cannabis. Doesn’t help with the pain but it gives me a good night’s sleep!

Emma M answered 4 years ago

I didn’t find any help with the pain for my fibromyalgia and I tried various quality brands. However, it did get rid of my persistent breakouts of coldsores which were all the time. Since taking cbd, these have stopped and if I forget to take my cbd, as soon as I feel the tingle, I take the cbd orally under the tongue and I never get a cold sore develop.

Stephanie Scarbrough answered 4 years ago

I’ve found that it’s very helpful for me! I use Sunsoil, it’s affordable and effective!

Goddess answered 4 years ago

I’ve been using a CBD supplement from a dispensary. It is amazing how well it works for my fibromyalgia pain, sleep, and anxiety. Also CBD edibles work wonders as well. I highly recommend!

Maureen answered 4 years ago

My pain management doc told me to try CBD oil. He gave me three of what he considered the best brands. I will not share them here. My first discovery was the expense. For me, on a fixed income, it was a lot to spend. But I tried it. I found that it helped after over exertion and less during flares themselves. However I would not recommend driving after taking it. It causes drowsiness and dozing. It did relax my tense and painful muscles after over use. However, if I woke up in a flare it just made me tired and I would sleep through it. I did not feel high at all, just relaxed. I would say that if you are stressed, and have pain from muscle tension at night, that would be the time to take it. It did help me sleep. So I resorted to taking it only an hour before bedtime. Also, I believe it elevated my liver enzymes a bit before some early morning bloodwork (had taken it the night before). I have no “proof” of that but I did stop taking it and my liver enzymes went down to normal. This could have been coincidental but it made me stop taking it. So now I have $$$ worth of CBD that I feel afraid to use. To me, it relaxes the muscles and mind, but does not eliminate pain. Hope this helps! 😁

Andrea Nixon answered 4 years ago

With the help of cbd & medical cannabis I have been able to get off of all prescription medications. I use a Full plant infusion , that I make myself . I use an oil under my tongue , along with topicals every day ! It’s helped so much – I still have pain, but it’s much better and I sleep so much better .

Ruth Kazmer answered 4 years ago

I started taking CBD oil approximately 2 years ago. At the time I was on Cymbalta for the pain, had been for several years. Once I weaned myself off the Cymbalta (which was the worst experience I’d ever had getting off a medication!),I started taking the CBD OIL twice a day. Within two weeks most of the major pain was gone from my hips and shoulders. I also use CBD lotion topically…that helps relieve soreness in specific areas. I occasionally take a muscle relaxer for cramps and spasms, but for the most part I do well on the oil twice a day. I recently bought a 10” gel foam mattress for my bed….this also helps with pressure points at my hips and shoulders. I’m not totally pain free, but so much better then I was! I was originally diagnosed with fibromyalgia approximately 30 years ago. I’m 73 now.

Kristine answered 4 years ago

I have found that the balm/lotion really helps with the shoulder pain, as well as hip bursitis at night. I take Tramadol low dose twice a day to keep me functional, but the CBD/THC balm really helps with the inflammation/pain in specific areas.

Kristine answered 4 years ago

I have found that the balm/lotion really helps with the shoulder pain, as well as hip bursitis at night. I take Tramadol low dose twice a day to keep me functional, but the CBD/THC balm really helps with the inflammation/pain in specific areas.

Linda answered 4 years ago

Since it’s legal here, I grew pot and made my own CBD oil. I have been taking it for a little over a month now, and I would say that it calms me. I am thinking if I can calm my stress, I should start feeling better.

Deidra G. answered 4 years ago

I have used YUMI Karma for my pain and anxiety. It helps but it effects my stomach. Most of the bone pain I use Cyclobenzaprine. But it causes constipation.

Joanne answered 4 years ago

I have had good results with the CBD balm.I use “For the People” 600 Lavender salve. The company is located in Vermont. They do ship.

Marley Smith answered 4 years ago

I take caplet with hemp in or raw cbd and it does help me sleep

Wanda Clark answered 3 years ago

I have tried all kinds of CBD Oils, Gummies, and rubs, nothing helps with the pain. The one thing I can tell you, it helps me sleep at night and leaves you munching all day. It does calm your nerve but other than that the only thing I can say is to try it for yourself and see what it does for you.
If trying, go to a legitimate CBD place. The benefits are better.

Marsha Rodriguez answered 3 years ago

I tried the CBD Oil but I didn’t feel any relief at all. It was very expensive for a very small bottle I have to say I was disappointed as others have had good results