NFA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsSever Body Pain After Covid Vaccine!
Dawood Al-Janaby asked 9 months ago
  1. Hello everyone,I have got Moderna shot in April, and since then, I got crazy pain all over my body. IT even wakes me up at night :(. For some reasons, all my blood work results were normal.I feel tired all the times, started to goain wait because I can\’t move a lot. Also I started to notice some weird masses growth in my hand. Ultrasound results showed a fibroma but I just noticed another mass growing as well Appearently, the doctors are suspecting fibromyalgia.I never had such a pain in my whole life nor been diagnosed with fibromyalgia before or had it in our family history!feel that my doctors don\’t even know whats going on.Its all about pain in joints, back, legs, feet, teeth and all of my bones. If any of you have figured out anything or experienced any thing like this, please let me know. At least we can gather around and do something about it.I live in Toronto, Canada.My phone number is 5142201692