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Kathleen Hebenstreit asked 4 years ago

I just received denial letter from SSDI. Do you have any resources to help with appeal to prove chronic pain from Fibromyalgia  is what keeps me from employment.

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Lisa M answered 4 years ago

I would say to get a lawyer now that you have been denied. Also you could ask your doctors to write letters explaining how your Fibro affects your day to day life.

Karen Bauer answered 4 years ago

I had to get a Social Security attorney and go before a judge.
Look for one that specializes in social security

Denise Ungerman answered 4 years ago

There are SSDI lawyers who can take your case

Melissa answered 4 years ago

I hired an SSDI Atty to file my initial claim. I was denied. In the letter it described what they used to make their decision. SSI didnt use even half of the medical documentation they were given. My atty filed an appeal. A gal from SSI called and asked for all my doctors names/addresses etc and also gave me her # so I could call her each time I went back to a Dr so they could get those records. My atty said most cases or approved by going before a judge.

I strongly recommend an atty AND keeping a journal for a month that describes everything in your day and if you were unable to sleep etc.