By: Michael C. Frost, ND, PhD
Reprinted from FM Online

Integrative MedicineWhat is Integrative Medicine? Integrative Medicine was conceived and organized to enable medical and other allied health professionals to broaden their practices by integrating and making available effective Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) protocols in the treatment of patients. To this end, the total well-being of the patient is placed back in the center of the heath care universe.

The Integrative Medicine approach applies the latest medical assessment technology along with improving and developing safer treatment protocols for treating and guiding patients and clients in:

  • Energy Therapies (including CMU Technology)
  • Herbs and Supplements
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Strategies
  • Biochemical Approaches
  • Structural, Movement and Mind-Body Therapies


In vitality-impaired environments, (e.g. airplanes, cars, office buildings, and polluted cities) the electro-magnetic energy becomes depleted allowing the body to be unbalanced. Environmental reactions may result in an impaired immune response. Notable side effects of a malfunctioning immune system are a loss of energy, fatigue, non-traumatic pain (back neck and shoulder), insomnia, susceptibility to viruses, depression, and pain in parts of the body for no apparent reason.

What Is CMU Technology And Is It Just Another Health Magnet?

CMU Technology is a state of the art “instrument of polarized energy.” CMU Technology is presently a patent pending invention developed by PolarwearZ Wellness Institutes. The discovery of CMU Technology is important because after 5-years of intensive double blind studies, there was up to 80% success in most conditions exposed to CMUs.

CMU (Complex Meridian Unit) Technology is NOT a health magnet and, in fact, research has shown that it is worlds apart from most, if not all, of the popular, portable energy enhancement units available today. Leading scientists in the field of Energy Medicine have proven over and over again that CMU Technology bio-electrically balances 22 of the vital organs in the body. In fact, studies using modern Kirlian imaging photography have shown positive energy increases after only 2-5 minutes exposure to the CMU Technology.

The CMUs are units of a different identity than a standard health magnet. CMUs utilize polarity in a manner conducive to activation of the body’s own self-healing ability. CMUs are focused on a different response, functioning systemically as well as locally to aberrant health challenges in the body’s complex healing process.

Standard Magnets

Magnets have both a north pole side and a south pole side. The north side is okay to use; the south side can be dangerous.

In order not to be detrimental to one’s health, proper use of magnets requires research and knowledge of the functions of both the north and south pole sides. Hundreds or reports have been written about the major negative consequences using the south pole side of a magnet. The south pole of a magnet stimulates all forms of life, including bacteria, and, therefore, should not be used where there is an infection. The south pole expands, enlarges and softens tissues, and it can cause an acid reaction.

The ability of magnets to relieve pain is usually based on the gauss rating as to its effectiveness. Some people believe the higher gauss, the better.
Magnets bring an outside magnetic field to the problem area. Magnets have no evidence of working with the body’s electrical system.

Three out of every ten people questioned reported that they have had reduced pain using standard magnets. However, pain is simply a “symptom” and is not the major problem. In most cases the pain returned again anywhere from five days to two months. Magnets do not address the underlying source of the pain.
Standard health magnets have not changed in 2,000 years. They still do today what they did thousands of years ago.

CMU Technology

Construction of CMUs is not based on north or south pole. There is no right or wrong side; either side can be used on the body.

There are no detrimental side effects to using the CMU Technology. You do not have to understand how this technology works or be concerned that you might use the wrong side. There is no wrong side! The CMUs work with your body. They have a sedating effect on the nerve tissue, easing and/or inhibiting pain.CMUs may dissolve calcium deposits around arthritic joints.

The effectiveness of the CMUs are not based on the standard gauss rating that magnets use to determine how effective they will be i.e. “Most magnets are thought to be better if the gauss is up in the thousands. (8,000 gauss)”
The CMUs role is not to bring an outside magnetic field to your body, but to use YOUR BODY’S OWN magnetic field to facilitate healing. (Limited information here because the remainder is proprietary information).

Clinical studies show that the >CMUs workwith the body’s own electrical system. (Limited information here because the remainder is proprietary information).

Eight out of every ten people questioned reported that they have had reduced pain or totally eliminated pain using CMUs. This technology seems to seek out the source of the problem and help the body self-heal.

Five years of research and testing the inefficiencies of a standard magnet and the needs of the body which a magnet cannot address culminated in the invention of theCMUs. This one-of-a-kind technology is not based on the ability of the function of the standard health magnet and should not be compared to one. CMU TECHNOLOGY IS THE ONLY TECHNOLOGY OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD!

CMU Technology encourages and produces a magnetic field that scientists around the world believe is being depleted from our bodies. This depletion has allowed our immune system to be less than effective in fighting off free radicals that invade our bodies everyday.

Clinical studies show that CMU Technology encourages more oxygen to move into the blood stream. This results in more nutrients being brought into the damaged area, not only enabling the healing process, but also working to bring about a refocused immune system. This is due to the increase in Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). (KWI 1997-2002)

ATP is a Nucleotide Molecule found in all cells; it governs and drives thousands of biological processes.

Adenosine Triphosphate is the universal energy carrying molecule and is indispensable to the life of all cells. Anything which enhances an ATP response in the body will have a beneficial and life sustaining affect upon cellular health and replication, and therefore on the health and well being of the physical organism.
Our entire body contains about 100 trillion cells. Each has a tiny nucleus and almost all of the rest of the cell is electromagnetic energy. This non-material energy has a direct relationship with the saltwater medium in our bodies. Adult humans are about 70% water. This saltwater medium constantly produces both positive and negative electrical charges that emit an electrical current. These intercellular electrical currents produce the electromagnetic field that interfaces closely with the brain through the nervous system. (Lee R., 1997)

Neurobiologists have also discovered that the covering of every nerve in the body is a semi-conductor and conducts an electric current which produces an electromagnetic field that radiates magnetic energy into every cell of our body.

Professor F.A. Popp discovered that the cells of living organisms store and emit light (photons) and this light controls vital processes. If this mechanism does not function correctly the organism is diseased. Light energy within the cells of living organisms regulates cell growth and insures the exchange of information naturally between the cells. Disease occurs through a disturbance of the electro-magnetic fields in the cells.  CMU Technology re-establishes harmonious balance of the electro-magnetic fields so the body can naturally heal itself.

No single approach holds all of the answers to the medical symptoms of fatigue and chronic pain. If you have been suffering from the painful, debilitating effects of Fibromyalgia, then you are quite aware of how difficult and confusing it can be to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. For more information about CMU technology and other integrative tools, we invite you to view the Educational Information in the library at

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