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We are thrilled to have you join the NFA in order to help us in our efforts to provide relevant information and support to today’s FM community. When we all come together as a large community, we are able to create a loud voice and make an even bigger impact on the world, so that everyone will know what our needs are as people living with chronic pain.

The NFA has been the largest and most respected non-profit organization serving the FM and pain communities since 1997. The staff and volunteers here at the NFA would like to assure you that we are always working to bring awareness of fibromyalgia to those who need to better understand what it is like to live with FM. We also support all those who are dealing with this difficult disorder and will contribute to the ongoing research that is taking place to help improve our knowledge of this illness and how to better treat it.

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We wish you improved health and welcome you to the NFA Fibromyalgia Community!

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Lynne Matallana,
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