By Jane Drdul- Petersen

With fibromyalgia I find it hard to tell if I’m sick with anything, and the anxiety over getting COVID-19 (coronavirus) just makes it all worse. I feel like I have the flu most days, which is one of the symptoms of the virus! We mostly self-isolate, my husband and myself. I got strep throat and we thought it was Covid, brings a whole new level of anxiety to our lives. The lack of ability to exercise in the pool, which is the best for me, causes further deterioration of my physical ability, and cause more pain, as I decline. Not being able to get out and see people on good days is also hard.

Very difficult times indeed.

We have been unable to build new relationships here in Ottawa, where we just moved in Sept/2019. That is also detrimental of our mental health. Already most fibromyalgia people I know struggle with thoughts that we just have to get up and do something, what will people think or say to us. Very difficult times indeed.