NFA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsAnyone with Fibromyalgia had COVID?
Robyn Riley asked 3 years ago

Curious if anyone with Fibromyalgia has had COVID and if so how has your recovery been? Recent studies have equated Long Haul COVID with fibromyalgia. I know many of us who had the vaccine went into a bad flare which I think is our immune system fighting not an adverse reaction(i by the way signed up for the CDC vaccine checker and am still receiving a periodic text asking how I am doing). Please if you’ve had COVID, let me know how it was and how you are recovering. I suspect that having it is worse than the vaccine.

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Nanette answered 3 years ago

Hi I had covid in oct 2019. My Doctors did everything they could to help me get over the WORST cold ever. I was laid up in bed for 7 days and walking to my bathroom about 8 ft from my bed would wear me out. I slept most of those days away. Now that we know what I had it all makes sense now. As for my
long lasting ailments, I get winded easily, I get a lot of headaches, I mouth breathe more now.
I didn’t have too many side effects from the covid shots and yes the illness is definitely worse than the shots.

Alley answered 2 years ago

I got COVID in OCT 2020. I got the shot in April/May 2021 time frame. COVID was definitely worse than the shot. I lost my sense of smell and taste, had more night sweats/chills than usual, severe body aches, migraines, muscle cramping. The absolute worst was having no energy. It was all I could do to walk out to the barn and feed my animals every morning. I would pretty much sleep for the rest of the day until I had to walk out to the barn to give the animals dinner. And then it was straight back to bed. I felt like my body was a sack of bone and tissue that I was just trying to haul around. Thankfully my husband was home (with COVID) bc I wouldn’t have been able to keep my animals and myself fed and comfortable. Pure exhaustion. The symptoms were there for about three wks, the exhaustion was there for about six wks. I would advise getting the vaccine bc my worst symptoms went away after about five days post vaccine. I was lucky enough to not have any lasting symptoms other than increased temperature sensitivity.