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Tracy K asked 3 years ago

Is there a best practice diet to follow for FM? Low FODMAP, Automimune protocol, Keto, or some other plan to springboard from? Besides sugar and gluten are there foods that are a definite no go?

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michelep replied 2 years ago

I was going to say Mediterranean, but I see someone already did.

Rose replied 2 years ago

I think a gluten-free anti-inflammatory diet is important. Organic if possible to avoid environmental toxins.
I think Dr. Gundrys Plant Paradox diet is good. But it’s a challenge for sure.

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Craig answered 3 years ago

The Diet we at the NFA recommend is the Mediterranean diet. If you just google \”Mediterranean diet\” you will see a lot of information from very respected sources including the Mayo Clinc.

Cynthia answered 3 years ago

Keto/low carb took almost all my symptoms away.