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Donna Stansberry asked 4 years ago

I am 64 and never run a temp but am always over heated and sweaty even after a shower or doing the simplest of thing. I don’t know what to do !

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David A Bernetich answered 4 years ago

Miss Donna. I joined NFA after a search due to this exact problem. From my limited research, there could be a couple of issues. The first is that it is due to, “an autonomic dysfunction within the hypothalamus, the almond-sized area in the brain that controls sleep and regulates sweating, bowel movements, and other automatic body functions. “The autonomic dysfunction causes the increase in sweating,”,and%20other%20automatic%20body%20functions.
The other issue for sweating due to FM is from High norepinephrine levels caused by medications such as antidepressants.
I will be looking for a change in medications to help alleviate this. I am currently taking Duloxetine.
For the shower issue what I would highly suggest and what I have had to do is start my shower much cooler than I was used to, as soon as I got acclimated to the water temperature, I would then proceed to reduce the heat until the shower was as cool as I could stand by the time I got out. I live in the south so I actually get to where I am using no hot water by the time I get out. If I still have trouble after I dry off and am in my bedroom, I relax in front of a fan to cool myself down.
I hope this helps you Miss Donna.