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Michael McGeary asked 3 years ago

Should I get the Covid-19 vaccine? Does any one have experience taking it with FM?

3 Answers
Johnna Worster answered 3 years ago

I just had the 2nd shot on Friday, April 9. I thought everything was going great until this morning when I started getting the chills, a horrible headache and now my whole body aches. I hope that it doesn’t last very long because to be honest, I have way too much pain to manage right now as it is.

Nancy answered 3 years ago

I had both of the Moderna shots back in April and am now waiting for the OK to get the booster. Aside from tenderness at the injection site (well, yeah!), I had no side effects from the vaccine. If it helps, I also suffer from several co~morbidities, two life~threatening. Listen to your Doctor. If he says do it, then DO IT. You don’t want to risk your health and that of your families’ because of misinformation, no matter how well intended. Take Care!

Jennifer answered 3 years ago

Are any of you that have had adverse effects from the shot reporting it to the CDC? I’m being forced to get it at work and I’m terrified it’s going to knock me out of remission after 5 years of relief. I had it for 12 long painful years before that and I cannot imagine going back to it.