NFA QuestionsCategory: FibromyalgiaDoes anyone have a issue with body overheating?
Melissa G Abbott asked 4 years ago

I need help with my body overheating. It’s like my temperature doesn’t know when to stop heating. I get so hot it adels my brain.
Melissa Abbott

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Lynne Matallana answered 4 years ago

Since fibromyalgia involves a problem with the central nervous system, which, among other things, controls temperature regulation, there may be a connection. Many individuals with FM do report that they run a low-grade fever all or a lot of the time. Unfortunately, there is little research on this phenomenon. If you are experiencing ongoing fevers, you should absolutely make sure your health care provider is aware, as it might be related to an autoimmune problem or other health issues. There are several at-home remedies for bringing down a fever- such as running cool water over the inside of your wrists or apply rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe down your forehead, neck, behind your ears, your armpits, and groin (places where you have lymph nodes). Always talk to your health care provider about your symptoms and ways to treat them.

Lyn Grose answered 4 years ago

Have you had your adrenal glands checked and your hormones I’m in process for this right now, I sweat after a shower and randomly with no explanation?

Heidi K answered 4 years ago

I get like a “hot flash”within minutes of eating a meal,does not matter what I eat or portion size ,I also break into a major sweat when going from a warm to cold or cold to warm/ hot room it’s embarrassing

Jo Ann answered 4 years ago

Yes, several times a day randomly and drenched in sweat then quickly become cold afterwards. Doesn’t last long but when it hits its about 1-2 min. I hate it.

Jo Chorlton answered 4 years ago

 I am 48 and have struggled with hot flushes because of perimenopause. When I was younger and on the contraceptive pill I found that caused them too. I bought a cooling pad that works brilliantly, it draws out the heat and is reusable. I also use a facial spritz and a spray specifically designed to help with hot flushes. They all help.

Rita answered 4 years ago

Extreme sweating with any movement. Very debilitating.

Shiakoda qkalokqua answered 4 years ago

I dont run a fever but feel like i am going to burst into flames any minute.  I sweat so bad.  I cant wear a coat or hat in the winter either.  I wear a zip hoodie and thats it!  Some times that is to hot so it is always un zipped.

Mary Ann Skartsiaris answered 4 years ago

It is called hyperhidrosis, there is medicine available for it. I went to an endocrinologist 

Kandice answered 4 years ago

Yes! Quite funny when I go for physio.. my physiotherapist commented a couple times how my body gives off so much heat..very noticeably! Now I’m menopausal and its horrendous.. I can’t cool down it’s like having a fever then chills constantly.. taking 900 mg of gabapentin a day is helping quite a bit though.

Donna Mannion answered 4 years ago

I have suffered for yrs with very bad hot flushes and sweats to the point my clothes are soaked and my hair is. My makeup slides off etc. Don’t hardly go anywhere now socially as I’m afraid I’ll need to change myself during my outing. So embarrassing.  Been to my doctor and had tests done for the usual …. menapause, thyroid etc and all came back ok. Anybody got any advice ?

Marnie answered 4 years ago

I am constantly going from hot to cold all the time

Sally J Prichard answered 4 years ago

I have severe sweating problems. I have had the menopause hot flashes, but this is nowhere like that. Within 5 minutes I am, jeans, even my socks are wet. And there is no pattern, except if I am out in a store, shopping. I have had my adrenals checked and that is an ongoing process right now. I had a full body scan and that showed nothing. My endocrinologist is puzzled.

Blair answered 4 years ago

Yes!!! If I start sweating I can’t stop especially when I’m swollen from the heat. I have a more  painful experience not being able to get warm than not being able to get cold. But when I’m too hot I become a stinking walking stick and it’s socially awkward. And if this happens it typically happens in the morning or around 4-6 pm.

R. Moore answered 4 years ago

Yes, I find I have problems with both feeling cold and hot.  I’m 68. Yesterday I was freezing, had a hoodie on at home while watching tv.  We live in So Cal and it’s been in the 90’s during the day for weeks.  We have AC, but the inside temp is 73-77.   Mostly at night, I’m hot and get slightly sweaty.  I can’t sleep with a blanket, only partially covered with a sheet.

Shel Ivins answered 4 years ago

I was having these off and on, and saw an Endocrinologist. He said I had Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism. We continued until we found the right stregth of medicine, and this has completely stopped.