NFA QuestionsCategory: FibromyalgiaEdibles to reduce pain?
Peter R Schulleri asked 3 years ago

Has anyone had experience with using Marijuana edibles to reduce pain? If yes, can you please express what the experience was?If it was a positive experience, can you specify what you used (eg, type of edible, dose).My mother is turning 91 and has suffered with Fibro for decades. Her pain is from head-to-toe. She\’s seen doctors ~monthly for … ever. Good diet, perfect weight, active (when not suffering); the only med is for on BP (if she breaks-out with Fibro after taking a new med she stops the new med immediately — so only the BP med is taken consistently).

snoozer replied 2 years ago

Have you tried it? I came here to see what folks are saying about them because for the last 15 years all forms of marijuana has caused an incredible amount of amplified pain and nobody can explain why — I’ve asks all my docs — now that I have a fibro diagnosis, wondering if this is possibly the cause.

ferociousafchic replied 2 years ago

I have tried edibles for pain management and the insomnia that comes along with Fibro. Unless you can find small mints or edibles, you may have to cut them in half or smaller to start. Some of them help you sleep and some help you have more energy. Each person’s response and experience can be different. I live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal but state-to-state products are different. I can’t tell you what to try because if I buy a product marketed to help me sleep, I often have the inverse reaction. And CBD makes me hyper. I recommend starting at 1 mg doses of whichever edible you try and then waiting to see how it feels. But of course, talk to your doctor as well. And to snoozer’s point, some types of edibles CAN make you MORE aware of the pain and you won’t necessarily know which strain of marijuana will give you that experience since fibro people can have different reactions. Again start very low dose, you can always add more. It has helped me.