NFA QuestionsCategory: FibromyalgiaFibro Flare 6 weeks after vaccine?
Aviva asked 3 years ago

Hi. I had my second Pfizer shot two months ago and felt fine. But then 2 weeks ago – 6 weeks after my second shot I started to feel a huge flare up. I have not had a fibro flare in over 3 years, so I am wondering if this is a reaction to the vaccine? I know we don\’t have research, but I am curious about anecdotal experiences?

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Paige answered 3 years ago

I can offer my experience. I had my second Moderna back in February. Some usual symptoms, then weird foot pain for a day, but the last two weeks have been raging pain that I’ve not experienced in years. I have a very stressful job, and will get some relief over the weekend, but my fog is so bad that I’m having a hard time keeping up with usual chores and on a bad day I might not be able to formulate sentences. I was hoping to find some answers as to how long o can expect this. Wishful thinking.

Tracy C answered 3 years ago

6 weeks and worst flare ever! I had Moderna. It seems it doesn’t matter. I was worried because I am also a Long Hauler. Who would have thought my fibromyalgia would flare like never before. My doc is running MRI of brain to make sure it’s not MS! Who would have thought being socially responsible and doing the right thing would Vite me in the butt! I’m a retired RN that believes in science. I trusted the scientific data I read. I would still do it again because I’m protecting not only myself but my vulnerable older parents, and am able to at least see family and travel to favorite places once this horrid worse than ever flare ends. NIH should track what’s happening to us. I believe it’s statistically significant! Any way for FMawsre to flag it for them????

Carmen answered 3 years ago

So sorry to hear of your bad flares.I really do hope they are tracking this and noting how badly fibro patients are reacting. Due to all this I haven’t gotten vaccine yet just still isolating,I live alone but would be so nice to ever be able to visit people again. But my fibro is already pretty bad so if the vaccine made it flare like it has for many of you I’m already so bad I’d probably be bed bound. I have recently read about the new Novavax vaccine that uses older technology like same tech as many of the vaccines we got as kids…and so far its saying there are less side effects and might be a good alternative for those with autoimmune disorders. I’m hoping this will be a good answer for us who want to take it but don’t want the horrible effects of the current ones. I’m so sorry to hear you have gone through such flares it makes me mad that they didn’t make people aware of this beforehand. I truly thank you all for sharing because if it wasn’t for this site I would not have been aware either.I wish you all recovery from your flares.