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Kelliebaker asked 1 year ago

I’ve had fibro for years, and I am constantly hot. I literally sleep with on high directed right at me or I can’t sleep it makes me feel like I can’t breathe. The other thing I want to address in magnesium. I do mlm I work for a company and sell their products most of them have magnesium in them. I truly believe in these products. Since I do Dead Sea salt soaks and then use their lotion I feel great. Their best product is the Helio and the magnesium lotion. The nice thing is you can’t overdose on such a low dose of magnesium. Some like the big horse pills I personally can’t swallow them since I’ve had throat surgery so I opt for the mag lotion the Dead Sea salt soak. And if it’s real bad then I usually lay down and rest for as long as I can handle. Also I want to know if this is a lifelong disease why are we getting no help? Why is it so hard to get SSID? I’ve been fighting that crap for 11 years and I gave up, I’m sick of bringing denied every time for something stupid. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!!