NFA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHas anyone improved yet after getting the covid vaccine(I see so many horror stories on here of those who got vaccinated and it\’s still months later and they are having worst fibro pain and symptoms of their lives )?
Carmen Lee asked 3 years ago

I just wondered if there are any of you who have gotten vaccinated and are feeling better yet? I’m seeing so many horror stories on here of people getting vaccinated and it’s months later and they are still feeling the worst fibro pain and symptoms of their lives…even people who had their fibro under control for years and were working full time and active. I am pretty much homebound so it makes me very nervous in re: to the vaccine…I’m just still isolating for now while I figure out what to do. Just was wondering if anyone who got the vaccine is feeling better yet and for those who are still feeling awful how long has it been? Thanks so much for sharing.

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debra answered 3 years ago

If a doctor of mine told me they are seeing all kinds of reactions and that they think that vaccine is working I would find another doctor. What are they doing to help with the symptoms nothing hardly. I will still not get this experimental vaccine. Don’t come to my door either.

Karen answered 3 years ago

I live with fibro every day. It is no worse or better after getting the vaccine. I was sick longer after the second Moderna shot than my husband by about a day and it put me in bed, but 2 days after the shot I was back to my old painful self.

Nancyk answered 3 years ago

I had the Moderna and was sick for about a week, ran a slight fever and had a weird rash on the upper inside of my right arm. I called my Dr and she said, they are seeing all sorts of reactions and it proves the vaccine is working. The second shot was just a sore arm. I think we need the shot more so than some others, because our reactions to Covid will be exagerated. My fibro is about the same.

Diane answered 3 years ago

I had Moderna shots. After second one, I had raging fevers for a week (I have not had a fever since a child), & other symptoms. As weeks went on I had weird never-before joint pains, nausea to the point of near-vomiting (I have not vomited in a decade), extremely spaced out (left water running, very unlike me – I don’t get fibro fog), and crushing fatigue. Recently I had a day of extreme hot flashes (quit bleeding 20 years ago). As of now it’s been 3+ months since second shot. I feel I’m still trying to kick it out of my system. I do not plan on getting a booster. I have a friend of a friend with chronic fatigue syndrome who was sick for 2 months.

Margaret N answered 3 years ago

To answer your question Carmen, I for one am not feeling better (since March 12th). But my pain is isolated to my neck, so I take steps to work around it, and go about my day. It seems to be worse at night, so sometimes I use a heating pad and take ibuprofen. I am still crediting this pain to the covid vaccine, but I still think it was worth it. Sadly, we just happen to be faced with the alternative of getting the covid virus to which I say no thanks.

Mary answered 3 years ago

Has anyone improved yet after getting the covid vaccine(I see so many horror stories on here of those who got vaccinated and it’s still months later and they are having worst fibro pain and symptoms of their lives )? I received the Phizer covid vaccine in April and Moderna in June. I felt tired the day after the Moderna but that’s all. My husband had joint pain for three days, he does not have fibro. I have never had a reaction after a vaccine eg TB,flu,

Tracy answered 3 years ago

I had the Moderna. I was sick as can be for about 2 months plus after receiving the second injection. Now, I’m starting to improve! Yay!!!!!!

Margaret N answered 3 years ago

Following up to my previous answer…. It has been 5 months and I think I’m starting to see some relief. Still taking pain meds and doing relaxation therapy but at least I can say I’m feeling better.

Carmen answered 3 years ago

Thank you all for your answers. To those still feeling bad side effects after months I’m so sorry to hear that and I wish you recovery. I did recently read about the new Novavax vaccine which uses older technology like the kind used in many of the vaccines we got as kids…so far its shown to have less side effects and they are saying it might be a better solution for those with autoimmune disorders…so I’m really hoping that will be an answer for some of us. I’m still just isolating for now. Not sure when Novavax will come out but if anyone gets it please let us know!

Majha Ludek answered 3 years ago

I am 78 yrs old. Had covidc19 in December 2020. Had Pfizer jabs twice in May 2021. Am absolutely fine. Had no side effects whatsoever as all our 38 residents in our senior complex. We are just glad we had our jabs. Besides a sore arm or two , nobody had side effects. Even our residents with heart problems. Our oldest resident is 96 today and she is as fit as a fiddle.

Dave answered 3 years ago

Same pain all over my body. Joints
muscles, teeth, and bones. The bump in my hand is growing bigger. Now I am having tremors as well when I do any heavy activities. I gained weight because I am not able to exercise. Everything is still the same since 5 months

Ginger Butler answered 3 years ago

3 weeks after 2nd pfiser dose headaches started that reached a scale of 7 out of one to ten that have stayed with me. I’ve hardly ever had headaches in my life. Extreme fatigue and because of both these issues depression to go with it. Headaches start in neck = icing helps best. Had PT = didnt do a whole lot. I hope they will have a cure for their cure. Headaches have subsided to a 2 – 5 – it is now Sept 2021. Tylenol 650 barely takes edge off. Meds they prescribed made me have vertigo for a day plus. Trying to keep stress levels down. I was told by two medical professionals that whatever stuff you had going on beforehand they were seeing exascerbated by vaccine. I have lost several pounds as I have no appetite! It is a strange sensation not wanting to eat. Yes I am glad I am alive but on the days its a seven its hard to be greatful. I think I will just be masking for the rest of my life (I am 70). I was a very active person but now have to push myself to get daily exercise.

Claire answered 3 years ago

I took johnson & Johnson I have a very weak almost no immune system the day after I felt so good it gave me a boost it’s like old fashioned vaccines as for my fibro no change still suffering God bless you

Ellen answered 3 years ago

I have had severe fibro and chronic fatigue for 23 years . I’m unable to work or do much of anything anymore without help . My doctor felt I could no longer ride it out and he gave me the go ahead to use extra medication along with a muscle relaxer to get me through . I had the Pfizer vaccine two weeks ago . After a severe reaction of fever , muscle pain , headache , joint pain etc I’m now doing ok after ten days . What helped the most was Buckley’s Complete capsules . I’ll be taking the extra pain meds two days ahead for my second shot in two weeks . This is just my experience but im glad I did it . I have elderly parents to care for as well as daughters with autoimmune issues I need to be available for them . Hope this has helped .