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Craig Kennedy Staff asked 3 years ago

I would like to know for one of our members (Barbara Leddy) how to go about getting my SSDI? Im hearing that its a tough challage at the SS office . If I may get some insides as to what to expect, will help a-lot.. have a wonderful holiday, stay safe of covid 19 and try to find some wonderful friends to share the day with . it helps
I would like a reply , if it’s not too much to ask…thank you

3 Answers
Craig Kennedy Staff answered 3 years ago

You might find the help you are looking for at:

Elizabeth answered 3 years ago

I used to be a lawyer from a social security law firm. You have to apply and ask for a reevaluation every time they deny- and almost everyone is denied the first time they apply. You must not be able to do your area of skill or employment a great deal of the time. I suggest getting a social security attorney or public law firm to help. They will take a percentage of the end amount because you start earning money as soon as you apply – so if you apply in February, but do not get approved until September, you get the money you would have gotten since February. So the attorney will get a percentage of that amount.

Diane answered 3 years ago

Getting disability for Fibro is hard. I would suggest using a company that specializes in helping people apply for disability because this is all they do. They will fill out paperwork, contact doctors, assist the individual in everything needed. If denied, they file for appeal. If it goes before judge, they provide a lawyer. They are not paid unless you win so they are very motivated to work hard. The pay comes out of your settlement. I used Premier Disability – I know they have locations all across the country. You have to be ready to stop working once you start the process though.