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Barb T asked 4 years ago

Has anyone tried infrared sauna? Someone told me their friend with Fibro tried it and felt it worked great for her!

2 Answers
S. McFarland answered 4 years ago

Hi Barb T
I belong to an alkaline water company called Phountain. They use Infrared Saunas in their establishment, it’s the next best relief since I’m not able to go to hot yoga since Covid-19.

Lucilia answered 3 years ago

I am thinking of getting a SAUNARAY for my home because of all the research I have done on it. My pain has been so bad lately. (I also have Addison’s Disease and osteoarthritis) I am stuck at home because of Covid. I know how good heat makes me feel, but there are only so many showers I can take to find relief. Infrared saunas are used successfully for Fibro.