NFA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsModerne booster and horrific rash for 10 days so far
Kala asked 3 years ago

So I have had fibro for many years.  Diagnosed at Mayo in 2018.   Have tons of up and downs.
but recently had my moderna booster and 10 days later a horrible rash developed over entire body. Itching is uncontrollable.  Ended up in Er for swelling of hands.   Was given 2 weeks of steroids and beneadryl.   Not getting any better after 10 days.   Anyone else?!  Doctors say it’s an allergic reaction to something I ate.   I don’t have “food allergies”.   Never have.   Some definite gluten intolerance but never had this happen.  Only thing different was the booster.     Please help.  Docs won’t say it’s the booster?!?