Deirdre Carrigan asked 2 years ago

Has anyone heard anything about Novavax, a COVID vaccine currently being studied that uses an older platform, the same used by the Hep B vaccine and the Pertussis vaccine? It is said to have fewer and less severe side effects in the current studies. I am wondering if this vaccine might work for autoimmune folks. My last HALF DOSE flu vaccination a decade ago came near to putting me in the hospital and added POTS to my autoimmune issues.

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Carmen answered 2 years ago

I just read about Novavax too…I am really hopeful it may be an answer for us. I havent gotten vaccine yet…still isolating…due to all the bad side effects I’ve read about here from fellow fibro sufferers in reaction to the current vaccines. Really hoping Novavax will be a better option. Not sure when it will be out? If anyone gets it please let us know!

Dealla Dones-Rodriguez answered 1 year ago

I’ve been following Novavax because I would rather take it instead of the MRNA vaccine for the reasons that have been mentioned on this thread. Unfortunately, the developers have had some set backs because they haven’t been able to secure the raw materials that they need. Furthermore, the FDA has halted their progress until they resolve some undisclosed concerns. It doesn’t look like it will be available in the US anytime soon. Unfortunately, my employer is mandating that I get vaccinated, and I’m really worried about debilitating flare ups that could effect my work. I was really hoping that Novavax would be available before I’m required to be vaccinated by October 1st, 2021, but I don’t see that it will be available before then.

dorit73 answered 12 months ago

Hi, I got my first dose of novavax today. I tried to wait with the vaccine as much as I can, and my GP was able to provide me medical exemption till it is available. 
I hope I won’t have any major issues,  because I really struggled in the last 6 months with my health   

Carmen replied 12 months ago

Please keep us updated…I’ve still been isolating this whole time waiting in hopes for the Novavax vaccine with the older technology and supposedly less side effects. Please let me know how it goes! Best wishes

dorit73 replied 12 months ago

Hi Carmen, more than 24 hours after, I don't have any side effects. I will let you know if it changes, hopefully 🙏 not. I had a very bad flare for around 4 months recently, so I must be on the safe side. I had to get it for work, otherwise I would try to avoid any vaccine. Because Novavax is the best vaccine at the moment, I preferred to wait for it.

Carmen replied 12 months ago

That's so great to hear that you haven't had any side effects yet…hope that continues…and yes def let me know! That's the reason I've still been isolating/haven't gotten vaccine due to all the terrible side effects I was seeing in those with fibro from the other vaccines and I had hope maybe the Novavax with the older technology would be different. Where do you live if I might ask? I'm in the US so I don't think it's available yet here I hope it will be.

dorit73 replied 12 months ago

I live in Australia. I hope the FDA will approve it soon for you.

Carmen replied 12 months ago

Thank you. I sure hope so too.

dorit73 answered 11 months ago

Novavax- 2nd dose:
Hi again, I am now more than 48 hours past receiving my second dose of Novavax.  So far, I feel good, without any pain. I hope it will stay this way.

Dealla replied 11 months ago

Thank you for updating us on how you’re feeling! I’ve been waiting for the Novavax approval in the US, and it seems to finally be on it’s way for approval. I was mandated by my work to be vaccinated, but I haven’t gotten my booster. I haven’t been feeling well during this Minnesota winter, but I’m not sure if it’s coincidental, as I was able to delay vaccination until this past October. I’m thinking about delaying the booster until Novavax is approved, so I look forward to hearing how you feel going forward!