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TAMLmn asked 3 years ago

Hi…. I have never had fibromyalgia… but had Moderna vaccines in March and severe back and leg pain ever since. It is now Dec 26. Just looking for help and answers. Had Christmas with my brother and found out he is suffering from same severe pain for months. Can’t sit, stabbing pains down left leg. I have crushing rib cage pain that has worked up to chest level. Pain was going on since 1st of April, I didn’t connect it till I got my booster in Oct and the pain multiplied….. Am afraid to go to ER because of Covid, but am afraid to go to sleep because seem to wake with more pain everday. Couldn’t believe my brothers pain is exactly the same. He attributes his to some yard work the beginning of summer and is seeing pain clinic , chiro etc with no relief.  I have been to doctors , had MRIs etc. Doctors don’t seem to want to look for an answer, just give me pain meds, which aren’t helping. And now believe they are forbidden to blame vaccine or something. If anyone out there has found any kind of help or treatment. Please let me know. And what kind if doctor will help? I have found several articles on Myelitis from vaccine, but you really have to dig to find anything. Thank you for any idea what to do….

David Smith replied 3 years ago

Omg! I just found this site. Ive had over 3 months of insidious hip and shoulder pain. Never ever had any issues until I got my Pizer vaccine. Started get hip pain about a month after my second shot. I cant walk without extreme pain. I am definitely not getting the booster. My biggest concern is when the pain is going to end. Or did this could a life long fibromyalgia condition.

Kimiluvn replied 1 year ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I never had fibromyalgia nor had problems prior to the COVID vaccine. It's been 1.5 years now since I took J&J and ever since it's been a nightmare. My life has been upside down. Never had these pains..and now I been let go from my job because it affected my hand and finger joints and could not accommodate me.  Still waiting for answers😢😭..

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PhotographerSue answered 2 years ago

I’m sorry you are feeling poorly but am somewhat relieved to know I’m not the only one.   I had my first Pfizer shot in June 2021 with no side effects other than a sore arm for a few days.  Second shot in August 2021 hurt my arm and armpit for about 5 days with 1 day of chills and body aches for a few hours.  Had some lingering neurological symptoms for about a month after; just seemed to be a bit off balance with some joint pain.
Had my booster Dec 31 2021 and it’s been a disaster these past few weeks.   My body feels almost electrified like I can feel the blood going through my veins if that makes any sense.   Joint pain, back ache, muscle weakness, fatigue.  I have found taking an Advil will help quite a bit but just for the day then I wake up feeling so ill again.   This is scary.  I did the right thing getting the vaccine to protect myself and others and now am paying for it big time.   Big hugs to all who are suffering.   

PhotographerSue answered 1 year ago

A follow up answer to my previous question. The side effects from the third vaccine lasted about a month and then they were gone. I’m definitely glad I had the third shot because within months I got Covid at a very large social event and had a mild case with just a sore throat and a bit of fatigue. I know the vaccine did not bring on my Fibro, I had it for 20 years before that. I hope all of you who have had a reaction are doing better now. I am certainly glad I had my shots.