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Cathy asked 2 years ago

Hi I a 66 year old female with fibromyalgia for 30+ years. I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis.
I had GI side effects from Fosomax and discontinued after one month. My rheumatologist is recommending that I take the Reclast infusion. I am very concerned about a long term fibro flare up from the infusion.
Do you have any statistics regarding fibro patients and the Reclast infusion?

Elizabeth replied 11 months ago

Hi Cathy, just saw your question today, Oct. 19, 2022 and last year around this time I got my 1st Reclast infusion because I was not comfortable taking the prolia and did come off it prior to the infusion. After the infusion in the afternoon, I developed severe flu like symptoms the evening of the infusion that did last for several days. My primary care suggests I tell the Endocrine Dr., which I will. The Reclast infusion was painless, less than 15 minutes. Hope this helps