Kurt Penrose asked 4 years ago

I\’m a man that has undiagnosed fibromyalgia. I\’ve had all of the symptoms with the exception of headaches for about 10 years. I think its the lingering effects of chronic depression that I once suffered. I was prescribed Cymbalta for the chronic pain, and it worked like magic, but after seeing so many horror stories, I quit using it. These days, I mostly get by with fatigue, fibro fog, stiffness plantar fasciitis, and chronic back and neck pain. I have mostly conquered the anxiety and depression with lifestyle changes, CBT, and mindfulness meditation. Sorry for the long buildup to a question, but it really seems like there is a lack of information available on which supplements are most effective for managing the side effects of fibromyalgia.

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Theresa M answered 4 years ago

Vitamin D and Magnesium Malate are necessary for pain.

Angie answered 4 years ago

I’ve lived with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia since I had a chemical exposure back in the early 1990’s. Nothing worked for me. I started using Flexeril at bedtime because it would actually help me get into REM sleep which is vitally important. I was on Xanax, and so many different antidepressants. I am now 72 years old and have to say that I am using Cumarin Extra Strength daytime and I take Cumarin PM at bedtime. Both products are by Terry Naturally. I used it as directed and have since been able to back down to 1 daytime and 1 nighttime. I won’t say I am 100% better because with FMS you cannot expect anything but a coping level for your pain. But I am so much better off all those heavy duty drugs. I still have times when I feel like I’ve been thrown against a brick wall, but things like going to the ocean and inhaling ionized air has really helped me. I live in Florida and realize that not everyone lives near the coast but for anyone who does, take advantage of relaxation and deep breathing of the fresh ocean air.

Bobbi jackson answered 4 years ago

I had read about turmeric, started it last week and I feel a difference already. Turmeric with ginger 550mg.

Tifney Schoenfeld answered 4 years ago

Hi, sorry to hear you’re going through all this. I was on a number of fibro meds including Cymbalta. Had to go off due to glaucoma. My rheumatologist recommended a few things over a year or so with no help. Finally started ashwaganda capsules and found some relief. 1950mg 2x a day. Got the ones with black pepper added. I was actually quite shocked it worked 👍🏻👍🏻

Phyl answered 4 years ago

By accident I discovered 15mg of Lmethylfolate eliminates my brain fog.
It’s expensive but I initially had a 2 week free sample. After the 2nd week I knew I was better. It tooks weeks more until I thought my brain was finally functioning before fibro. Folic Acid is a synthetic version of methylfolate. Many people cannot properly process folic acid.
I suggest it to many people
However it’s never been referenced by the medical profession. There is plenty of info on Google.

Letitia answered 4 years ago

First of all, Cymbalta is basically an antidepressant. No need to be afraid of it. One theory is that people with Fibromyalgia are Vit D deficient. Take vit. D 3. Another concept is that you may be magnesium deficient. Take magnesium. And finally , find out want your MTHFR status is. If it is positive,take methylated B vitamins. Make sure you take this and take to your doctor about it!