NFA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsTerrified of getting vaccinated, but can’t afford to lose my job. How can I avoid an adverse reaction or shorten the length of the reaction?
Jenn Parker asked 3 years ago

Just received word yesterday that my employer is requiring all employees to be fully vaccinated by Nov. 15th. I work 100% from home, but it apparently doesn’t matter. I have successfully managed my fibro for twenty years, and I’m absolutely terrified of what my reaction to the Covid vaccine may be. I really don’t want to get the Phizer vaccine because my family has a history of strokes and blood clots, and I’ve been diagnosed with mild heart issues. I’m leaning toward Moderna. But that means I have just days to get the first shot in order to meet the 11/15 deadline. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow, but even if he is willing to advise against getting vaccinated, I don’t think my employer will accept the request for an exception based on fibro. I can’t afford to lose my job. I have a family depending on my income. I can’t help but think that if this triggers a flare that lasts for months, my employer will claim it’s due to my fibro and not the vaccine so they don’t have to keep paying me. Does anyone have any recommendations on what might reduce reactions or shorten reaction time?

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Ellen answered 3 years ago

I’ve had fibro/ chronic fatigue for 23 years . I haven’t been able to work for 20 years but I did raise my 3 daughters . My case is severe even though I watch my diet and take care of myself the best I can . I do take morphine and occasional Valium for costachondritis and tylonal . I also have other autoimmune issues so I go was extremely anxious about taking the vaccine . My doctor no longer felt I could just wait it out with the COVID variant now being more dangerous and our area has been a hotspot for some time . We can’t go anywhere without proof of having the vaccine . I also have elderly parents as well as a daughter with autoimmune issues . My doctor helped me with extra medication and I decided to get the Pfizer vaccine. I had a severe reaction of fever , joint pain , neck and shoulder pain with extreme headache along with muscle spams . This lasted for ten days . The extra pain meds along with tylonal body ache and pain helped but I got the most help from Buckley’s complete capsules . It was very difficult but I’m glad I did it and I will be having my second vaccine in two weeks . I think it may help to take the extra medication a couple of days ahead next time . I keep thinking that if I got COVID I’m certain I would be hospitalized and possibly dead . It’s a personal decision still but I hope this has helped you .

Mary E Andersen answered 3 years ago

I had about a week of sciatica with the second shot, but I had planned accordingly for low activity the week following. Booster left me a little sleepy, but not bad. Added inflammation seems to be common, looking at the CDC site.

Alley answered 2 years ago

I have a small farm and was worried when I got vaccinated that the shot would leave me on my ass and no one to take care of my animals. But, I got the vaccine bc it is the responsible thing to do. My symptoms came on about 12 hours early. Fever, chills, sweats, body aches, neck pain, muscle cramping, migraine and I had zero energy. I felt like I was dragging my corpse through mud. But it got better in a day or two.. body aches and no energy for about five days. I have a history with blood clots but my doctor recommended the Phizer. I got the shot in April/may timeframe and I feel fine now. It didn’t lead to a flare up, just some reactionary symptoms.