My name is Andrea R Taylor. I’m 76 years old and was diagnosed many years ago with FM. I am a retired Children’s Librarian and was a church pipe organist for over 35 years. Both careers required a physically fit person. Working schedules hampered my time and availability to exercise; I used to walk at night with my husband and our dogs in our subdivision for years. Pollen Allergies limited this activity. Medical issues cropped up – hypertension and then diabetes 2 plus Osteoarthritis. After much encouragement – I added Water Fitness to my routine at a local Wellness Center – not swimming – mainly calisthenic type exercises in the pool attending scheduled classes.

This greatly helped my total body fitness.

In 2002, I started going to a larger fitness center with 8 different pools (lap swimming, exercise/therapy, a hot tub and 52 degree cold dip. In 2004, I was encouraged to get a certificate from Arthritis Association to teach Water Fitness which I did and started teaching a class at the Fitness Center in 2005 . In addition, I obtained certifications from US Water Fitness Association as a Instructor and Aquatic Exercise Association as an Aquatic Fitness Professional (2006.) In 2007, I finished the FIBROMYALGIA WATERWORKS course by Mary Essert which added these techniques to my classes. I am also an AFAP Leader (Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program) through AEA. The AF states – “Motion is the lotion,” but I say –“AQUATIC motion is the BEST lotion!” According to WebMD articles ” Water aerobics are easy workouts for people with fibromyalgia pain.” I wholeheartedly agree – GET FIT IN THE WATER.
I still teach Water Fitness (18 years) and will teach as long as I can.

* If you could have one wish, what would it be?

“A Cure for FM & more doctors who believe it and treat it!”